Submissions to the Leadership Discernment Committee



Terry Shue is director of leadership development for Mennonite Church USA.

Oversight boards play an important role in healthy organizations. The members of these boards, most often volunteers, offer wisdom, experiences and collaborative counsel to help cast the vision and guide these organizations. Board members need to be competent in the areas their organization serves, loyal to that organization and vitally connected to the constituencies they represent.

In Mennonite Church USA, we seek to find competent, inspired persons who are interested in strengthening the church.

Our agencies seek board members who are inspired personally with their mission, connecting it to the big picture of those being served.

Many of the positions on Mennonite Church USA’s agency boards are filled through the work of the Leadership Discernment Committee. The LDC prepares slates of nominees for the boards of churchwide program agencies, the Executive Board, and any other standing committees. Agency board chairs and CEOs collaborate with the LDC by suggesting names to add to the pool of names for consideration. We welcome your input as well.

Do you know of someone who has a love for the church and a specific skill set which would be aligned with one of our agencies? Would you like to be considered for a position on one of the Mennonite Church USA boards? We would love to hear from you. Click here to make a submission for consideration by the Leadership Discernment Committee.