Wellness Incentives

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

To support healthy lifestyles, The Corinthian Plan annually encourages each adult to complete a wellness profile on the Highmark website and then engage the results of the wellness profile with accountability and support. This means having a confidential conversation with an Everence wellness coach about ways to improve their health or complete a personal wellness plan. Employees and spouses with coverage or waiving coverage, as well as employees waiving coverage and their spouses, are eligible for the Wellness Incentive. If you are waiving coverage please go here for your special instructions.

What are the Steps to Participate in the Wellness Incentive?

Step 1:

If necessary, schedule an appointment with your health care provider to get accurate values for blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglyceride, blood glucose, height, weight, and waist measurement. Use the provided Tip Sheet to help gather the information needed, communicate your billing expectations, and work with your health care provider.

Good communication with your health care provider, and the staff in his or her office, can make a big difference in your experience of health care services. You can help do your part by being aware of what your preventive benefits are. Keep in mind that you may not need a complete physical or annual labs depending on your age and risk factors. Your health care provider can let you know if what is on file for you is still valid.

Building a strong relationship with your health care provider is one of the desired outcomes of the Wellness Incentive. More frequent contact when you are well can help ensure that if you need acute care a relationship of trust and rapport exists.

For those waiving coverage please go here for your special instructions.

Step 2:

Each participating adult must create a Highmark account and complete the login process by entering your username and password. To do this, go to Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield’s website. More detailed instructions for navigating the Highmark website are available here. Once logged in, follow the Wellness Rewards link. The Wellness Rewards link will lead you to the wellness profile tool, and offers helpful information. (Need a paper copy or Spanish version of the assessment? Call (800) 222-5054 ext. 3364.)

The wellness profile should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Completing this step by February 28, 2018 earns a participating employee and covered spouse $300 ($150 each).

Step 3:

Following the completion of the wellness profile, complete one of the support and accountability options. (1) You may engage in a one-time, voluntary wellness coaching session, similar to what has been offered in previous years. To initiate the wellness coaching, call (800) 222-5054 ext. 2462 or email wellness@everence.com to set up a coaching time that works for you. The Everence wellness coach will not have access to your wellness profile results, but you may share information from it, or discuss whatever you feel would benefit your health. (2) Alternately, you may complete the self-reflection form called My Personal Wellness Plan. Instructions for completing and submitting your wellness plan are on the form. You may want to reference the Corinthian Plan Wellness Benefits summary sheet for a listing of resources and benefits available to help you reach your wellness goals.

The coaching conversation or the completion of the Personal Wellness Plan earns an employee and covered, participating spouse an additional $300 ($150 each) when completed no later than March 31, 2018.

Note: All personal health information is confidential. Wellness Incentive participant results are compiled into a group report describing the health risks and behaviors we possess as a community of people covered under the health plan. For mutual accountability and support in making lifestyle improvements, this group information may be shared among health plan members, as well as in the denomination.

How is the Incentive Money Distributed?

Employees who earn a reward for the employee and spouse participation may choose to receive their payment(s) one of three ways:

  1. By check (your employer will include this as taxable income on your W-2 statement).
  2. Having the money put directly into your health savings account (not taxed, but counts toward your annual contribution limit).
  3. Contributing the money to Mennonite Church USA’s Fair Balance Subsidy Fund that provides health premium assistance (your employer will include this as taxable income on your W-2 statement and you also may claim it as a tax-deductible contribution).

If you have questions contact The Corinthian Plan wellness consultant, Ingrid Friesen Moser at ingrid.wellness@gmail.com.