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Mennonite Church USA Archives

Collecting, sharing and preserving stories of Mennonite Christian discipleship.

The Mennonite Church USA Archives seeks to inspire people worldwide to follow Christ by engaging them with the historical record of Mennonite Christian discipleship.

Jason Kauffman
Director of Archives and Records Management

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Convention is a biennial gathering of thousands of Mennonite Church USA members. It is truly a faith formation event where people can come together to worship, to learn, to discern and to fellowship.

Learn more about convention details, the schedule and speakers at the Mennonite Church USA convention website.

We hope to see you there!

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Delegate Resources

Leadership Development

Mennonite Church USA strives to empower and equip existing leaders as well as foster the growth of new leadership. The Leadership Development team is comprised of denominational ministers who serve and provide resources to conferences, congregations and candidates for pastoral positions.


Terry Shue

Terry Shue

Director of Leadership Development

Nancy Kauffmann

Nancy Kauffmann

Denominational Minister & Calling System Manager

Sandra Shenk Lapp

Office Manager for the Leadership Development Office

The Corinthian Plan

The goal of The Corinthian Plan is to provide health care access for as large a group of pastors and church workers in Mennonite Church USA as possible. The name emerges from verses in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 where the newly emerging church in Corinth is encouraged to practice sharing with each other.

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Transformative Peacemaking

Iris de Leon-Hartshorn is the director of Transformative Peacemaking for Mennonite Church USA. In this role she coordinates initiatives and programs related to the churchwide priority of Undoing Racism and Advancing Intercultural Transformation.



Immigration Justice

These statements and resources will help congregations understand the issue of immigration within the United States and how we can respond as followers of Jesus. Our hope is that we are able to better understand why people come to the United States and the issues they face, and that we can find ways to welcome our brothers and sisters who are here into both our Christian family and into our communities.

Israel/Palestine Initiatives

Jonathan Brenneman, Partners in Peacemaking coordinator for Mennonite Church USA’s Executive Board staff.

For more than 65 years, Mennonites have participated in the work of Jesus Christ in Israel and Palestine through Mennonite Mission Network, Eastern Mennonite Missions, Mennonite Central Committee, Christian Peacemaker Teams, our colleges and seminaries and in other ways. This is a region with much hurt and pain. We long for right relationships and a peace that serves the well-being and flourishing of all, whether Israeli, Palestinian, Jew, Muslim or Christian. When Mennonites began a presence in this region, a deliberate decision was made not to start Mennonite congregations, but to work with local partners.




Executive Board Policies

The Executive Board of Mennonite Church USA meets three to four times per year. This page will give you an overview of recent board actions, press releases and statements, as well as links to board policies and other important background documents.

Actions & Policies

Gray Dove

Women in Leadership Project

Jenny Castro is coordinator of the Women in Leadership Project

The WLP works to dismantle patriarchal systems in Mennonite Church USA by empowering women to live out the call of God on their lives, increase their capacities, and contribute their wisdom in congregations, area conferences, agencies and institutions.

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Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response

As Mennonite Church USA, we value and aspire daily to be a vessel for God’s healing in the world. So when allegations of abuse, intimate partner violence and misconduct are raised in our community, it is our responsibility to respond not only with compassion to the individuals involved, but from a space of justice. We take seriously our responsibility to implement proactive policies and cultivate a culture that prevent abuse within our faith communities, as well as respond and hold offenders accountable swiftly and appropriately when abuse occurs.

2016 Investigation by D. Stafford and Associates into the response of Virginia Mennonite Conference and Lindale Mennonite Church to allegations of sexual abuse.Full public report
Mennonite Church USA’s response
As a result of the investigation, MENNONITE CHURCH USA commits to:

  1. Walking alongside and providing support to VMC leadership as they carry out the above recommendations.
  2. Along with VMC leaders, hosting “listening circles” to receive the VMC community’s stories, concerns and recommendations, and to begin the process of healing and discerning the path forward as a community.
  3. Providing a Healthy Boundaries 101-201 national training in May 2017, contracting with FaithTrust Institute. This training will be open to all area conferences and Mennonite agencies, and we encourage all conferences and agencies to send at least one or two representatives to be trained.
  4. Once trainers are equipped, establishing a common agreement among all conferences to provide regular trainings on healthy boundaries to all Mennonite Church USA pastors and credentialed leaders on an every three- to four-year basis.
  5. Establishing a standard practice with all conference ministers that pastors and leaders entering any Mennonite Church USA conference must participate in the healthy boundaries training within 12 months of their employment —either through a sister conference or FaithTrust Institute.
  6. Preparing a document of learnings from this situation to share publicly with the broader church, that will also be used by Mennonite Church USA’s Panel on Sexual Abuse Prevention as they work to develop a process for addressing violation of sexual boundaries with non-credentialed leaders in congregations.