MennoCon 2017: Orlando

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Orlando 2017 Program Book

Orlando Squeeze: Convention Newssheet


Pre-Convention Newsletters

  • September 2016 | Registration, Lodging and meal information
  • December 2016 | Registration opens soon! Speaker and schedule information
  • June 2017 | Last details and Opening Events


Seminar Schedules


Worship Resources

  • Song lists (Coming soon)
  • Ingrid De Sanctis has granted permission for her script FIRST FIVE, adapted by Lisa Cameron for the YOUTH CONFERENCE to be downloaded for church use.
  • Love is a Verb—Written by Rachel Gerber
  • Psalm 139—Written by Rachel Gerber and Heidi Miller
  • Worship Speaker Videos


Delegate Assembly Resources: Orlando 2017

Schedule and Agenda for Orlando 2017 Delegate Sessions

Orlando 2017 Delegate Assembly Minutes

KC2015 Delegate Assembly Minutes



Seeking Peace in Israel-Palestine Resolution Adopted July 6, 2017 


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Updates to Our Purposeful Plan


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