Letting it rain … learning to lament

Jane Hoober Peifer resides in Harrisonburg, Virginia, with her husband Daryl. Following 24 years in pastoral ministry, Jane received Spiritual Direction training from KAIROS: School for Spiritual Formation (Lancaster, Pennsylvania). She currently companions folks in Lancaster and in Harrisonburg. She also serves as a leader for two cohorts of new pastors in Mennonite Church USA who are participating in the TiM (Transitioning into Ministry) program. A particular joy in her life right now is the gift of living near two of her five grandchildren and their parents. Jane is a member of the Mennonite Spiritual Directors Network.





How foolish to think

that I could stop the rain

that I could will it away

deny its presence

turn my back and stay dry


This morning it has been falling

lightly dripping relentless

They told me that sunrise here is amazing

go to the top to get the full effect, they said

an hour before sunrise is best


I woke in the early hours

wondering if I would greet the sun

this morning

and then I heard it . . .

lamenting rain.  Oh,

there would be no burst of light this day.


Strange comfort it brought

as I moved to my window

The sad, steady percussion of the rain

gently companioned the weight in my soul

sadness, grief, worry and fear

How foolish to think that I could stop the rain.

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One thought on “Letting it rain … learning to lament

  1. I like this! Thank you for the multiple meanings and emotions on these poetic words. It even fits our west coast reality this winter.

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