Show us your power over death

This Lenten season, we invite you to be in God’s presence and see what God has for you as you remember Jesus’ passion journey. This post is part of our 2020 Lent At Home worship resource series. You can download the full Lent At Home worship guide here.


Call to Worship:

(Leader can speak the “All” parts which are echoed by others.)

Come and worship our God, who has power over death. We are so glad Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.”

God, you are amazing. When we are tired and hurting and cry to you for help you breathe new life into us.

Candle lighter:
This fifth candle of Lent reminds us our hope is in you because you, Lord, have power over death and give us hope for our tomorrows.


Listening to God’s Word

This week, reflect on how God’s power brings new life in these passages from the Bible: Ezekiel 37: 1-10, 11-14, Psalm 130, John 11: 1-16, 17-37, 38-45 (older readers: Romans 8: 6-11, younger readers: Luke 8: 40-42 and 49-56).

Pondering thoughts to choose from

  1. I wonder how it felt to see the dead return to life.
  2. I wonder how God decides when to do such miracles.
  3. Imagine how great God is to be stronger than death!

Songs of the week

Hymnal: A Worship Book 584 “They that wait upon the Lord,” and Sing the Journey 5 “Come and be light for our eyes,” or “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” by Lauren Daigle, Michael Farren

Closing prayer

“Come out!” Jesus cries, calling us from our despair into a world of possibility and grace. Help us respond and also go out to live as your people.

Candle snuffer:
May God’s love-filled life shine in and through us even after we blow out this fifth Lent candle.


Activities to choose from

  1. Share seeds with each other. As you hold them, think about areas in your life that need new life. Then use those seeds in the next activity.
  2. Begin a window garden by planting your seeds in a pot of soil. Take a “before” picture of your window garden, and draw a picture of what it might look like in a month. Glue or tape the pictures of the plants around the pot.
  3. Tell stories of how God has brought new meaning and energy to you when you were discouraged or hopeless. Look for stories of hope in a recent copy of The Mennonite or Canadian Mennonite.
  4. Make posters for your bedroom that say, “Whoever believes in me will live, even though they die.” (John 11:25b) or “The Lord has great power to redeem.” (Psalm 130:7)
  5. Write a thank-you note to God for giving you hope when you feel hopeless.
  6. Share God’s life-giving hope with a discouraged person by giving them a fragrant plant.
  7. Plant some barley, or other grains, in a dish of moist soil and wait for the seeds to spring to new life in time for Easter.


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