Show us your hiding place

This Lenten season, we invite you to be in God’s presence and see what God has for you as you remember Jesus’ passion journey. This post is part of our 2020 Lent At Home worship resource series. You can download the full Lent At Home worship guide here.


Call to Worship

(Leader can speak the “All” parts which are echoed by others.)

God calls to us, “Where are you?” We, like Adam and Eve, hide in the garden and try to mask our shame. But we hear and come.

We are sorry about our wrong actions and choices. Please God, become our safe hiding place, our refuge from trouble. Help us worship and watch for you.

Candle lighter:
We are so glad God finds us and helps us when we are in trouble, and forgives us when we fail. We light this first candle of Lent, to help us remember that God helps us resist temptation.


Listening to God’s Word
Reflect on one of these passages each day. Psalm 32: 1-7, 8-11, Genesis 2: 15-17, 3: 1-7, Matthew 4: 1-11, Revelation 22: 6-9, Romans 5: 12-19.

Pondering thoughts to choose from

  1. How does today’s reading help you with things that tempt you?
  2. What feelings, ideas, or pictures do you get from today’s Bible text?
  3. What signs of God’s hidden wisdom did you notice today?

Songs of the week
Hymnal: A Worship Book 521, “Come, thou fount,” or Sing the Journey 106, “Just a closer walk with thee,” Sing the Story 49, “I will come to you in the silence,” or listen to “You are my hiding place” by Selah.

Closing prayer

Dear God, thank you for reminding us that we are beloved, that Christ is by our side when we are in trouble, and that your Holy Spirit is willing to guide us back to your way after we’ve been tempted to leave it.

Candle snuffer:
We go now in peace to love and serve as Jesus showed us, glad God’s Holy Spirit stays with us, even as we blow out this first Lent candle.



Activities to choose from

  1. Create a Lent poster with this year’s theme featuring rocks, bare branches, a stream of living water, a cross and an open tomb.
  2. Create a maze in a shoebox that is big enough for small play-figures to use. Lead them into the maze to help them hide, and then help them find their way out. Think about how God helps us hide from trouble and find our way home.
  3. Look for hidden signs of God at work, or at play, in nature and record them in your family Lent journal.
  4. Create your own skit or puppet play about the good things that happen when people help each other resist temptations.
  5. Take turns blindfolding each other in a room away from the worship corner. Turn the blindfolded person around three times and then challenge them to find their way back to the worship corner.
  6. Read the children’s book, Where Are You Hiding, God?, by Elisabeth Zartl (2017, Westminster John Knox Press) about a child who wondered where God was hiding.
  7. Share your own stories about hiding and seeking including the surprising things you found.


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