I’ve got the power! Questions about Women Doing Theology


Jenny Castro is communications associate and coordinator of the Women in Leadership Project for Mennonite Church USA.

Who is invited to a Women Doing Theology conference?

What does Women Doing Theology even mean?

Can I come even if I’m not a pastor or church leader?

These questions in various shapes and forms have been flooding my inbox over the last few weeks since we opened up registration for the second Women Doing Theology conference hosted by the Women in Leadership Project.

I figure there are enough questions that it’s worth some clarification.

The Women Doing Theology conference is primarily for those who identify as women who are interested in exploring theology through the lenses of women’s perspectives. When we say doing and exploring theology, we mean reflecting on God together in relation to our lives.

This Women Doing Theology conference flows out of a larger history of Anabaptist theologians, ministers, teachers, activists, creatives and many others gathering together to do theological work born out of women’s experiences. As Anabaptists, we understand that theology isn’t something one can fully understand on her own.

Rather, our theology is most fully realized as we work together with others, sharing and learning from our unique God and life experiences.

Our understandings of God and the working out of our faith are enriched and more deeply grounded as we listen, hold space, challenge, stretch, question, come into new awareness and practice presence together.

All of that to say: If you are interested, you are invited!

Come to listen to the stories from people all across the country and come to share your own. Come to build relationships. Come to nurture your soul, challenge your mind and find rest for your body.

There is a place at the table for you!

We’re adding information to our conference webpage almost daily now. We’ve got the schedule up along with confirmed speakers as well as an application for scholarships for women of color (applications due Sept. 23).

Space is limited!

Register by Oct. 1.

I look forward to learning from and growing with you!