Corinthian Plan Staff

 The Corinthian Plan employs three Area Representatives, a Wellness Coordinator and a Director. Joe Christophel, James Miller or Keith Harder will be present at most of your Annual Conference gatherings and available year round to receive your inquiries to help you, or refer you on. You will find the list of conferences each Area Representative relates to below the contact information. An Area Representative may refer you on to Denise Henke/Everence, Third Party Administrator. Ingrid Friesen Moser administrates our Wellness Incentive program and works at keeping health and well-being at the center of our health coverage. Duncan Smith, Director, is the overall administrator and available for contact year round.


Joe Christophel
Area Representative


818 South 7th Street
Goshen, Indiana,  46526

James Miller
Area Representative

(941) 400-9937

3625 Bonaventure Court
Sarasota, Florida, 34243

Ingrid Friesen Moser
Wellness Coordinator

(574) 596-0540

813 South 7th Street,
Goshen Indiana 46526-4017

Denise Henke
Everence, TPA

(574) 533-9515 x3364

PO Box 483
Goshen, Indiana, 46527

Duncan Smith
Director, The Corinthian Plan, Mennonite Church USA


Lakewood, Colorado

Area Representatives

Duncan Smith

  • Mountain States Mennonite Conference
  • Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference
  • Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference
Joe Christophel

  • Allegheny Mennonite Conference
  • Central District Conference
  • Illinois Mennonite Conference
  • Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference
  • Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA


James Miller

  • Atlantic Coast Conference
  • Eastern District Conference
  • Franconia Mennonite Conference
  • Franklin Mennonite Conference
  • Lancaster Mennonite Conference
  • New York Mennonite Conference
  • Southeast Mennonite Conference
  • Virginia Mennonite Conference