The Corinthian Plan

The Corinthian Plan

The goal of The Corinthian Plan is to provide health care access for as large a group of pastors and church workers in Mennonite Church USA as possible. The name emerges from verses in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 where the newly emerging church in Corinth is encouraged to practice sharing with each other.

Open enrollment for 2018 ended January 31, 2018. To inquire about enrolling outside of open enrollment contact Duncan Smith, Director, or Denise Henke at Everence (Third Party Administrator). Open enrollment for 2019 starts on November 1st and ends on December 31, 2018.


Thank you for your patience! The new Wellness Incentives for TCP are now up and running. Click here to find the new Wellness Incentive philosophy and instructions. There are still two parts to the incentive, and the potential to earn up to $300 per person, $600 per married couple.

Those with active health coverage, as well as those with waived coverage AND their spouses remain eligible. If you are waiving coverage and wish to participate note that you will need to enroll. You will find a form to do so by going here.

Qualifying activities for the 2018-2019 Wellness Incentive ($150 each) are:

Verify that you have had your routine wellness exam. Learn more about how to get the most out of this exam and ensure it is covered under your preventive benefits by consulting our wellness exam tips document.
• Complete a one time, confidential wellbeing conversation with our own MCUSA wellbeing specialist or alternatively create a Wellbeing Plan or pastors may be able to submit their conference accountability or growth plan.

The following two assessments are recommended as you complete the wellness incentive process. Their completion will encourage, challenge, and cause you to reflect deeply on your own health and well-being:

Corinthian Plan Health Plan Members: The Highmark Wellness Profile is available on the Highmark website homepage after login. Refer to the Wellness Exam Tips document for information on the biometrics required. Note: Available only until December 15, 2018, due to anticipated Highmark changes.

All Pastors: The Wellbeing Profile that is part of the Flourishing in Ministry research from Notre Dame University is an assessment that will give you feedback in the areas of Happiness, Resilience, Self-Integrity and Thriving. To view a short video clip and participate follow this link and use the referral code MENNONITE.

Be Well!

The Corinthian Plan’s sharing/mutual aid components were built into the structure in 2010. This has ensured that pastors and church workers on the plan are not excluded for particular health reasons. Also, financial subsidies have been set up so that congregations who otherwise could not afford it can gain access to health coverage.

The Corinthian Plan is staffed by a team to help participants get the most out of their health coverage including three area representatives serving area conferences, a wellness coordinator and a director.

Everence is The Corinthian Plan enrollment, policy and financial administrator, and Highmark (Blue Cross Blue Shield) provides the service network, works with claims and provides wellness resource support.

The Corinthian Plan continues to provide a needed service for Mennonite Church USA congregations. As of March 2017 340 congregations are participating in The Corinthian Plan with 230 churches carrying health coverage for 859 persons.


Health Coverage Information (English)

Health Coverage Information (Spanish)

Download the Plan Overview Flyer

2017 Corinthian Plan FAQs (Coming Soon)

Summary 2016 Member Survey


There are many questions about what will happen with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this coming year. We are currently waiting to update our FAQ “The Corinthian Plan and the ACA”. If your congregational staff have health coverage via the Marketplace/Exchange we recommend you consult an accountant/tax expert about current rules regarding compensation for your staff’s health coverage.”