Pastors and Wellbeing at Work

Terry Shue is director of Leadership Development for Mennonite Church USA. At the risk of stating the obvious, we live in a time of great change at many levels of our society. And the church is not isolated from that change. In many ways we find ourselves at the very center of these seismic shifts. […]

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Mennonite Church USA issues response to DSA report, shares findings and recommendations

By Janie Beck Kreider “…so that God’s healing and hope flow through us to the world.” –Vision for Healing and Hope, Mennonite Church USA From Executive Board staff representatives – Ervin Stutzman, Iris de Leόn-Hartshorn, Terry Shue – of Mennonite Church USA: As Mennonite Church USA, we value and aspire daily to be a vessel […]

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Mennonite Church USA and Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference respond to ‘recommitment process’ concerns

(Mennonite Church USA / Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference) — At the Mennonite Church USA Executive Board (EB) meeting Nov. 10 in Newton, Kansas, a concern was brought forward regarding the “Year of Recommitment” that Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference (PSMC)—one of the most diverse conferences in Mennonite Church USA—has undertaken to assess where they are as a […]

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‘Ministerial Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure’ provides updated process for the church

(Mennonite Church USA/Mennonite Church Canada) — Ministerial Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure is a resource to equip Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada to address ministerial sexual misconduct directly and boldly. This work builds on previous policies and procedures developed by denominational leaders throughout both national church bodies in 2000 as a guide for congregations and area conferences in addressing ministerial […]

Walking the Camino

Terry Shue is director of Leadership Development for Mennonite Church USA. This summer I was given the gift of a six-week sabbatical through Mennonite Church USA. The older we get (I turned 59 this summer), the more we realize how precious the gift of time is! Thank you! During this time, my wife Kay and […]

Presentación de propuestas ante el Comité de Discernimiento de Liderazgo

[English] Terry Shue es el director de desarrollo del liderazgo de la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. Las juntas supervisoras cumplen un rol importante en las organizaciones saludables. Sus miembros, generalmente voluntarios, ayudan a proyectar la visión y guían a las organizaciones ofreciendo su sabiduría, sus experiencias y consejo conjunto. Dichos miembros deben ser competentes […]

Opportunities: grants for pastors

Terry Shue is director of Leadership Development for Mennonite Church USA. Every once in a while opportunities arise which we would do well to take advantage of. Such is the case with the funds Everence has received from the Lilly Foundation for pastoral financial assistance. This grant, for both Conservative Mennonite Conference and Mennonite Church […]

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Submissions to the Leadership Discernment Committee

[Español] Terry Shue is director of leadership development for Mennonite Church USA. Oversight boards play an important role in healthy organizations. The members of these boards, most often volunteers, offer wisdom, experiences and collaborative counsel to help cast the vision and guide these organizations. Board members need to be competent in the areas their organization […]

What can pastors learn from resource development professionals?

Terry Shue is director of Leadership Development for Mennonite Church USA. Recently I attended an event which Everence puts on every other year for development staff of organizations, large and small. It was an excellent event where the role of development staff was validated and celebrated as a vital connection between the mission of the […]