Hair that wasn’t there before; a celebration of the body

Jenny Castro is a communications associate and the coordinator of the Women in Leadership Project for Mennonite Church USA. This article first appeared in Timbrel magazine, a publication of Mennonite Women USA.   A few weeks ago my son came up to me while I was cooking, raised his arm in the air and lifted […]

Grupo de discernimiento sobre abuso sexual y la iglesia finaliza su trabajo

Un nuevo grupo se está formando para abordar el abuso sexual dentro de la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. [English] Por Jenny Castro (Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU.) — El Grupo de discernimiento sobre abuso sexual y la iglesia, un comité formado en el 2013 para abordar el doloroso y complejo legado de abuso sexual […]

Discernment Group on sexual abuse and the church ends its work

New group is forming to address sexual abuse within Mennonite Church USA [Español] By Jenny Castro (Mennonite Church USA) — The Discernment Group on sexual abuse and the church, a committee formed in 2013 to address the painful and complex legacy of sexual abuse by renowned theologian and professor John Howard Yoder and the church’s […]

#WeAreMenno: A new Mennonite communion liturgy addresses concerns of sexual abuse survivors

By Janie Beck Kreider (Mennonite Church USA)—For the past two years, a small group of Mennonite leaders has been gathering to reimagine the way Mennonite Church USA congregations practice communion based on the experiences and perspectives of victims of sexual abuse. This group grew out of a final project that Hilary Scarsella completed in 2012 […]

Service of lament and hope, wailing wall, churchwide statement to acknowledge sexual abuse

(Mennonite Church USA)—Naming sexual abuse, confessing complicity and taking steps to prevent future abuse will be key elements of Mennonite Church USA’s biennial convention this summer, to be held June 30–July 5 in Kansas City, Missouri. The denomination’s Discernment Group on sexual abuse and the church has planned for a public service of lament and […]

An invitation for victims of abuse to submit requests for reimbursement

Ervin Stutzman is executive director of Mennonite Church USA The Discernment Group working to care for victims of sexual abuse and to advocate against sexual abuse in the Mennonite Church has established a Care and Prevention Fund with Mennonite Church USA. The purpose of the fund is threefold: 1) to recompense, at least in some […]

Discernment Group on sexual abuse and the church

By Ervin Stutzman On August 19 I released a statement announcing a discernment group to guide a denominational response to John Howard Yoder’s (JHY) abuse.  The discernment group met for the first time on Sept. 4 and 5, 2013, in Goshen, Indiana. We spent significant time in worship and prayer, and in sharing our personal […]