#WeAreMenno: Spiritual ‘seed bombs’ sprout new life at West Zion Mennonite

By Janie Beck Kreider (Mennonite Church USA)—“Seed bombs” (or “green grenades”) are little balls of seeds and soil, the “weapons” of guerrilla gardeners around the world whose mission is to introduce life into neglected or hard-to-reach plots of earth. Under the right circumstances, seed bombs can produce something beautiful or useful, like a geranium or […]

Attractional vs. incarnational mission

Mauricio Chenlo is the Denominational Minister for Church Planting with Mennonite Church USA. You can follow him on Facebook at Church Planting Mennonite Church USA.  In the world of evangelical mission-minded folks, a new polarity has emerged in the last few years: attractional vs. incarnational. Polarities get the attention of many people because of their […]