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Delegates accept Future Church Summit results as ‘guide for discernment’

Mennonite Church USA staff ORLANDO, Florida (Mennonite Church USA) — The delegate assembly re-convened Saturday morning at the Mennonite Church USA 2017 convention in Orlando, overwhelmingly voting to accept the final report and outcomes of the Future Church Summit (FCS) as a guide for discerning the church’s ongoing work and ministry. Executive Board (EB) member […]

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International and ecumenical guests bring fresh perspectives to convention

ORLANDO, Florida (Mennonite Church USA) — An array of international and ecumenical guests spanning four continents is enlivening this week’s Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando. Moderator Patty Shelly and Mennonite Church USA executive director Ervin Stutzman officially welcomed the special guests at the start of Thursday’s delegate assembly session. Stutzman noted that the number […]

Mennonite Church USA to host interchurch and global church guests at Phoenix 2013

ELKHART, Ind. (Mennonite Church USA)—Leaders from various Anabaptist fellowships, the global Mennonite church family and the broader body of Christ will be visiting Mennonite Church USA’s July 1–6 denominational convention in Phoenix. The guests will be introduced during the Delegate Assembly meeting on Tuesday afternoon, July 2. “The presence of our guests with us reminds […]