Bridgefolk conference explores racial justice

Bridgefolk is a movement of sacramentally-minded Mennonites and peace-minded Roman Catholics who come together to celebrate each other’s traditions, explore each other’s practices, and honor each other’s contribution to the mission of Christ’s Church. Marilyn Stahl of Mercer Island, Washington, is the Mennonite co-chair of Bridgefolk. She received her M.Div. in 2009 from the School […]

Mennonites and Catholics to join in marking Michael Sattler’s martyrdom

(Bridgefolk / Mennonite Church USA)—On May 26–27, a group of Mennonite and Catholic scholars and church leaders will gather at the Benedictine monastery in Collegeville, Minn., to jointly mark the anniversary of Michael and Margaretha Sattler’s martyrdom in 1527. The event is jointly sponsored by Mennonite Church USA and by Saint John’s Abbey, and marks […]