Brooklyn Peace Center

Renewing a NYC peace witness in perilous times

By Laurie Oswald Robinson, Mennonite Mission Network NEWTON, Kansas (Mennonite Mission Network and Mennonite Church USA) — When Mennonite Mission Network’s church-planting coach Mauricio Chenlo attended the 60th anniversary of Primera Iglesia Menonita de Brooklyn in New York City last August, he did not yet know the Spirit’s plans for the future. It did not […]

Talking about pornography as people of faith

Anna Groff is executive director of Dove’s Nest: Faith Communities Keeping Children and Youth Safe. Anna studied journalism at Goshen (Indiana) College and received a Master of Public Administration from Arizona State University. Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she now lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband and two daughters. She is a member of Shalom Mennonite Fellowship […]

Step Up

Youth are invited to ‘Step Up’ with a larger voice at 2017 Convention

By Walt Wiltschek HARRISONBURG, Virginia (Mennonite Church USA) — A light bulb went off for Leah Wenger at the 2015 Mennonite Church USA Convention in Kansas City. Delegates at the convention were embroiled in a controversial discussion about two resolutions that would shape the future of Mennonite Church USA — the Resolution on Forbearance in […]

Love is a Verb: Do we still neighbor?

Edgar Stoesz grew up on a farm near Mountain Lake, Minnesota. After working for MCC 35 years, he is retired in Akron, Pennsylvania.  He has served on numerous boards and written several books, including Doing Good Better: How to be an Effective Board Member. A version of this story first appeared in the Atlantic Coast […]

#SomosMeno: Mi historia: Dios siempre te da la luz que te ayuda a superar

[English] Por Jenny Castro Sandra Pérez, miembro de la Comunidad Menonita de Manhattan (Nueva York), se desempeña en el equipo ministerial supervisor de la ciudad de Nueva York para la Conferencia Atlantic Coast y en el comité directivo del Proyecto de Mujeres en Liderazgo de la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. Trabaja y sirve entre […]

Searching for signs

Nancy Kauffmann is a denominational minister for Mennonite Church USA. The theme for Atlantic Coast Conference Annual Assembly was Searching for Signs, using Deuteronomy 6:1-9. “Significant events create markers – or signs — in our lives. How we react will leave signs for others to read,” were the opening words to a video created for Atlantic Coast […]

#WeAreMenno: My story: God always provides the light to see you through

[Español] By Jenny Castro Sandra Pérez, a member of Manhattan (New York) Mennonite Fellowship, serves on the New York City oversight ministry team for Atlantic Coast Conference and on the steering committee for the Women in Leadership Project of Mennonite Church USA. She works and serves across cultures, equipping leaders with resources to build relationships […]

Inventory shows 85 new congregations in the last five years

Area conferences support birth of new faith communities across Mennonite Church USA [Español] By Ryan Miller ELKHART, Ind. (Mennonite Church USA/Mennonite Mission Network)—In recent years, examinations of Mennonite Church USA demographics have focused on declining membership. But a recent list offers a new perspective. A “snapshot” inventory compiled in March 2013 by Mennonite Church USA […]