Learn, Pray, Join: Mutuality at the heart of hospitality

Anton Flores-Maisonet is co-founder of Casa Alterna, a hospitality house located in a Guatemalan neighborhood in Georgia and devoted to faithful acts of mercy and justice. During the funeral visitation for my paternal grandfather, a woman wandered in from off the mean streets of New York City. Disheveled and disturbed she entered this sacred space […]

#WeAreMenno: Step of faith leads to ministry of accompaniment

By Janie Beck Kreider This is part one of four in a series featuring Mennonites working with immigrants. Projects featured in this series received grants from a special offering received at Mennonite Church USA’s 2013 convention in Phoenix toward the DREAMer Fund. These projects were chosen as grant recipients because they have a strong history […]

Heart with loving heart united

Andre Gingerich Stoner is director of Holistic Witness for Mennonite Church USA A few weeks ago about 40 people gathered in a church fellowship hall to reflect on what we are learning from interchurch relations that might help us in our intra-church relations. What are we learning from relationships with Lutherans and Pentecostals, for example, […]

#WeAreMenno: Charges dropped against immigrant detention center protesters

By Steve Pavey LUMPKIN, Ga. (Mennonite Church USA)—On the morning of April 9, 2015, five immigrants-rights activists went to court in Lumpkin, Ga., facing up to 12 months in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. At the culmination of the Nov. 22, 2014, Shut Down Stewart vigil, Kevin Caron, Maureen Fitzsimons, Anton Flores-Maisonet, […]

‘Seeking the gifts of others as if our lives depended on it’

Event looks to interchurch relations for models for intra-church relations GOSHEN, Ind. (Mennonite Church USA)—“What are Mennonites learning from interchurch relations that might help us be church together within our own Mennonite community?” Nearly 40 participants engaged this question at a gathering held April 11 at North Goshen (Ind.) Mennonite Church and sponsored by the […]

#SomosMeno: Congregaciones menonitas actúan para apoyar a inmigrantes indocumentados

[English] Por Ardell Stauffer A veces, un día puede cambiarte la vida. En julio del 2013, los juveniles de la Iglesia Menonita de Walnut Hill, Goshen, Indiana, eligieron participar de un viaje de aprendizaje de jornada completa a la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México mientras asistían a la convención bienal de la Iglesia Menonita […]

#WeAreMenno: Mennonite congregations take action to support undocumented migrants

[Español] By Ardell Stauffer (Mennonite Church USA)—Sometimes one day can change your life. Youth from Walnut Hill Mennonite Church, Goshen, Ind., chose to participate in a one-day learning trip to the U.S.-Mexico border while attending Mennonite Church USA’s biennial convention in Phoenix in July 2013. Convention planners had organized the learning trips—led by the BorderLinks […]