Youth Bible Study Resources

Since the beginning of the Anabaptist reformation, Mennonites have sought to be a biblical people in ways that both borrowed from the Protestant reformation and differed from it. These youth bible studies and youth group activities follow in this same line of understanding, and are written by Anabaptist leaders, students, professors and pastors.

  1. Two Sided
    by Rod Miller

    Genesis chapter 1; Genesis chapter 2; in our image; likeness; Rod Miller; helper; Adam; Eve; creation

  2. What Happens When We Try to Be Like God
    by Isaac Landis

    Genesis chapter 3; tree of life; knowledge of good and evil; serpent; snake; Adam; Isaac Landis

  3. Am I My Brother’s Keeper
    by Orlan Koehn & Carol Duerksen

    Genesis chapter 4; Orlan Koehn; Carol Duerksen; Cain; Abel; Brother’s keeper

  4. Sin Floods the World
    by Michele Hershberger

    Genesis chapter 6; flood; Noah; Michele Hershberger; covenant

  5. Control Issues
    by Isaac Landis & Carol Duerksen

    Genesis chapter 11; Isaac Landis; Carol Duerksen; Tower of Babel; language; tongues

  6. Standing on the Promises
    by Audrun Siebert

    Genesis chapter 21; Audrun Siebert; Abraham; Sarah; Hagar; Isaac; childbearing

  7. This is a Test, This is Only a Test
    by Isaac Landis

    Genesis chapter 22; Isaac Landis; Abraham; Isaac; sacrifice; ram; offering; Test

  8. What Goes Around Comes Around
    by Carol Duerksen & Billie Jo Warren

    Genesis chapter 27; 29; 30; 31; Carol Duerksen; Billie Jo Warren; Laban; Jacob; Esau; deception; lies; birthright; dishonesty

  9. Joseph – Love Him or Leave Him
    by Dave Shirk & Carol Duerksen

    Genesis 37; Dave Shirk; Carol Duerksen; Joseph; Coat of many colors; brothers; Egypt

  10. If God is in Control, Then Why Does My Life Seem Out of Control?
    by Bill Martin

    Genesis 45; Bill Martin; Joseph; Egypt; slavery; Isaac; dreams; baker; famine

  11. God Called Moses and Still Calls Today
    by Jeff Linthicum & Carol Duerksen

    Jeff Linthicum; Carol Duerksen; Moses; God’s call; burning bush; Pharaoh; Egypt

  12. God Cares About the Oppressed
    by Dave Shirk

    Exodus chapter 6; 12; Dave Shirk; Opressed; Israelites; Egyptians; deliverance; Moses; plagues; slavery

  13. No Way Out?
    by Rod Miller

    Exodus chapter 14; Rod Miller; Stand firm; Red Sea; Pharaoh; Moses

  14. Making God Numero Uno
    by Orlan Koehn and Carol Duerksen

    Exodus chapter 20; Orlan Koehn; Carol Duerksen; Mt. Sinai; Moses; Ten Commandments; 1st; Israelites

  15. In Trouble with a Golden Calf
    by Dave Shirk

    Exodus 32; Dave Shirk; Golden Calf; Moses; Mt. Sinai; Israelites; mountain; idol

  16. The Twelve Spies
    by Audrun Siebert

    Numbers 13; 14; Audrun Siebert; Twelve spies; Canaan; wilderness; forty years; giants; Joshua; Caleb

  17. Thanks (But No Thanks)
    by Billie Jo Warren & Carol Duerksen

    Numbers 11; Billie Jo Warren; Carol Duerksen; manna; wilderness; quail; Israelites

  18. Into the Promised Land
    by Audrun Siebert

    Deuteronomy 26; Audrun Siebert; milk; honey; Abram; Abraham; promised land

  19. Punish the Evil, Reward the Good?
    by Lyz Weaver

    Deuteronomy 28; Psalm 73; Lyz Weaver; Matthew 5; love neighbor; pray; persecution

  20. A People of All Peoples
    by Lyz Weaver

    Joshua 24; Lyz Weaver; Joshua; Shechem; salvation story; culture; covenant

  21. Samuel and the Question of a King
    by Dan Baker

    1 Samuel 8; 12; Dan Baker; Samuel; judge; Saul; king; repent; God’s people

  22. What part of “Yes Lord!” Don’t You Understand?
    by Orlan Koehn

    1 Samuel 15; Orlan Koehn; offerings; Amalakites; Saul; King David; obedience; yes Lord

  23. The Power of Repentance
    by Dan Baker & Carol Duerksen

    1 Samuel 13; 15; 2 Samuel 7; 11; Psalm 51; Dan Baker; Carol Duerksen; repent; repentance; David; Saul

  24. The Wise
    by Bill Martin

    1 Kings 3; 4; 11; 12; Bill Martin; wise; Solomon; wisdom follow God

  25. The Divided Kingdom
    by Casey Rohrer

    1 Kings 11; 12; 2 Chronicles 10; Casey Rohrer; Divided Kingdom; Solomn; Rehoboam; history

  26. Our Powerful God
    by Laurel Mast

    1 Kings 18; Laurel Mast; power; powerful; Baal; Elijah; fire on alter; Mt. Carmel; Ahab

  27. Do What to Your Enemy?
    by Jeff Linthicum & Carol Duerksen

    2 Kings 6; Jeff Linthicum; Carol Duerksen; Arameans; Aram; enemy; enemies; Elisha; traitor

  28. The Prostitute and the Prophet
    by Michele Hershberger

    Hosea 1; 2; Michele Hershberger; prostitute; prophet; marriage; unconditional love; Gomer

  29. The Frog in the Pot
    by Lyz Weaver

    Numbers 6; Judges 13; 14; 15; 16; Lyz Weaver; Nazirites; Samson; frog; backsliding; culture; temptation

  30. How the “Haves” Treat the “Have-Nots”
    by Bill Martin

    Amos 2; Bill Martin; poor; rich; wealthy; serfs; economy; economic class; welfare

  31. Turn to the Lord
    by Megan Linthicum

    2 Kings 22; 23; Megan Linthicum; Turn; King Josiah; worship; judgment; humble; humility

  32. Self-Righteous? Who, me?
    by Laurel Mast

    Jeremiah 7; 2 Chronicles 36; Laurel Mast; self-righteous; righteous; sin; temple; prophesy; Judah

  33. Jeremiah: A New Hope Floats
    by Dan Baker

    Jeremiah 32; 33; 34; Dan Baker; Jeremiah; Hope; anger; wrath; Nebuchadnezzar; Jerusalem; Zedekiah; exile

  34. Ezekiel and the Vision
    by Casey Rohrer and Carol Duerksen

    Ezekiel 1; Casey Rohrer; Carol Duerksen; Vision; Ezekiel; worship; gentiles; Jews

  35. Separate for God
    by Rod Miller

    Ezra 7; 8; 9; 10; Rod Miller; law; separate; holy; ordinance

  36. Standing Tall
    by Laurel Mast and Carol Duerksen

    1 Peter 5; Daniel 1; Nebuchadnezzar; Stand; Daniel; vegetarian; eating; health; suffering; Laurel Mast; Carol Duerksen

  37. Detour to the Prophets: Isaiah
    by Michele Hershberger

    Isaiah 6; Michele Hershberger; Isaiah; vision; prophet; indescribable; holiness; listen

  38. Detour to the Prophets: Jeremiah
    by Michele Hershberger

    Jeremiah 31; Jeremiah; Michele Hershberger; law; covenant; salvation; forgiveness; people of God

  39. Detour to the Prophets: Amos
    by Michele Hershberger

    Amos 5; Michele Hershberger; Amos; Northern Kingdom; justice; wealth; prosperity

  40. Detour to the Prophets: Micah
    by Michele Hershberger

    Micah 6; Michele Hershberger; Micah; justice; kindness; mercy; humility; humble; obedience

  41. Detour through Acts: Being the Beggar
    by Michele Hershberger

    Acts 3; Michele Hershberger; Acts; Peter; silver; gold; stand up; healing; Jesus’ name; lame

  42. Detour through Acts: Being True Community
    by Michele Hershberger

    Acts 4; Michele Hershberger; Acts; community; John; Peter; possessions; abundance

  43. Detour through Acts: Taking God Seriously
    by Michele Hershberger

    Acts 5; Michele Hershberger; Acts; Barnabas; Ananias; Sapphira; deception; deceit; truth; lie

  44. Detour through Acts: Only One Master
    by Michele Hershberger

    Acts 5; Michele Hershberger; Acts; obedience; Peter; prison; jealousy

  45. Detour through Psalms: Why Bother Being Good?
    by Michele Hershberger

    Psalm 73; Michele Hershberger; Psalms; goodness

  46. Detour through Psalms: Why Do We Praise God?
    by Michele Hershberger

    Psalm 145; Michele Hershberger; Psalms; Praise; songs; poor; justice

  47. Detour through Psalms: Why Do We Thank God?
    by Michele Hershberger

    Psalm 136; Michele Hershberger; Psalms; thanks; thankfulness; miracles

  48. Detour through Psalms: How Do You Deal with Anger?
    by Michele Hershberger

    Psalm 137; Michele Hershberger; Psalms; anger; revenge; Babylon

  49. Mary’s Call
    by Carol Duerksen

    Luke 1; Carol Duerksen; Luke; Mary; conception; immaculate

  50. Shepherds, Stereotypes, and Society’s Outcasts
    by Brian Hackman

    Luke 2; Brian Hackman; Luke; Christmas; shepherds; stereotype; Bethlehem; messiah

  51. The Baptism of Jesus
    by Carol Duerksen

    Luke 3; Carol Duerksen; Luke; John the Baptist; baptism; Jesus’ baptism; dove; beloved son

  52. The Temptation of Jesus
    by Carol Duerksen

    Luke 4; Carol Duerksen; Luke; 40 days; wilderness; temptation; worship

  53. Rejected in Nazareth
    by Patrick Mease, Michele Hershberger and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 4; Patrick Mease; Michele Hershberger; Carol Duerksen; temple; Jesus; Nazareth; rejected; hometown; prophet

  54. Gone Fishin’
    by Carol Duerksen

    Luke 5; Carol Duerksen; Simon; Peter; fisherman; Galilee; following Jesus

  55. Sabbath Laws
    by Brent Gehman

    Luke 6; Brent Gehman; Luke; Sabbath; disciples; Jesus

  56. Loving the Unlovable
    by Nicholas Stoddard and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 6; Angela Stauffer; Carol Duerksen; Luke; Jesus; healing; evil spirits; blessed

  57. How Blessed Are You?
    by Angela Stauffer and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 6; Nicholas Stoddard; Carol Duerksen; unlovable; love; enemies

  58. Blind? Who’s Blind?
    by Brent Gehman

    Luke 6; Brent Gehman; Luke; blind; forgiveness

  1. The Parable of the Sower and the Soil by Rod Miller

    Luke 8; Patrick Mease; Carol Duerksen; parable; seed; thorns; sower; soil

  2. Relying on God
    by Brian Hackman

    Luke 8; Brian Hackman; touch; Jarius; Luke; death; raised to life; miracles; dead

  3. Jesus Feeds 5000 Plus
    by Faye Wagner and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 9; Faye Wagner; Carol Duerksen; Jesus; bread; fish; loaves; 5000; feed; crowd

  4. Gaining Life by Losing It
    by Jon Van Houwe and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 9; Acts 6; Acts 7; Jon Van Houwe; Carol Duerksen; gain; life; deny; carry cross; suffer

  5. How About Those Mountaintop Experiences?
    by Randy Keener and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 9; Randy Keener; Carol Duerksen; Peter; Jesus; transfiguration; mountain top; pray

  6. The Parable of the Good Samaritan
    by Adrianne Miller and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 10; Adrianne Miller; Carol Duerksen; Good Samaritan; neighbor; friend

  7. Does God Hear Me?
    by Luke Wagner and Michele Hershberger

    Luke 11; Luke Wagner; Michele Hershberger; seek; knock; prayer; Lord’s prayer; Jesus; door

  8. Worry Not
    by Ashley Young and Michele Hershberger

    Luke 12; Ashley Young; Michele Hershberger; Worry; Jesus; sow; reap; treasure; money

  9. The Lost Son
    by Mark Horst

    Luke 15; Mark Horst; family; son; parable; lost; prodigal; rebellion; inheritance

  10. The Rich Man and Lazarus
    by Angela Stauffer

    Luke 16; Angela Stauffer; Lazarus; death; raised to life; miracle; rich; heaven; Abraham

  11. The Rich, Young Ruler
    by Randall Schlabach and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 18; Randall Schlabach; Carol Duerksen; rich; young; ruler; saved; sell; possessions; poor

  12. The King is Coming on a Colt!
    by David Horst and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 19; David Horst; Carol Duerksen; Jesus; triumphant entry; colt; donkey; palm Sunday

  13. True Greatness
    by Kenton Miller and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 22; Kenton Miller; Carol Duerksen; Jesus; Passover; last supper; greatest; greatness; bread; wine; cup

  14. Peter’s Denial of Jesus
    by Carol Duerksen

    Luke 22; Kenton Miller; Carol Duerksen; Jesus; Passover; last supper; greatest; greatness; bread; wine; cup

  15. Pilate Under Pressure
    by Meridith Lane Thomas and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 23; Meridith Lane Thomas; Carol Duerksen; Pilate; crucified; cross; trial; Herod; Sanhedrin; Barabbas

  16. Can You Hear the Love?
    by Randy Keener

    Luke 23; Randy Keener; crucified; cross; sacrifice; death; eternal life; love; skull; good Friday; sin

  17. The Resurrection
    by Jesse Morris and Michele Hershberger

    Luke 24; Jesse Morris; Michele Hershberger; Easter; resurrection; tomb; life; angels; Jesus; raised

  18. Where is Jesus When Tragedy Strikes?
    by Chad Unrein, Michele Hershberger and Carol Duerksen

    Luke 24; Chad Unrein; Michele Hershberger; Carol Duerksen; Emmaus road; disciples; Jesus; appearing; Jerusalem; Messiah; walking; tragedy; tragic; seeing

  19. The Coming of the Holy Spirit
    by Carol Duerksen

    Acts 2; Carol Duerksen; Holy Spirit; Pentecost; festival; tongues; fire; prayer language

  20. Pulling Me Apart
    by Carol Duerksen

    Romans 7; Karissa Miller; law; temptation; mind; heart; freedom; legalism; sinful nature

  21. Completely Free
    by David Miller and Carol Duerksen

    Romans 8; John 3; David Miller; Carol Duerksen; Freedom; Free; condemnation; law; sin; death; life

  22. To Be a Living Sacrifice
    by Kristin Yoder and Carol Duerksen

    Romans 12; Kristin Yoder; Carol Duerksen; sacrifice; worship; body; mind; soul; gifts

  23. Love is Something You Do
    by Tyler Peachey and Carol Duerksen

    Romans 12; Tyler Peachey; Carol Duerksen; Love; serve; serving; overcome; evil; good; persecute

  24. Love is Something You Do
    by Tyler Peachey and Carol Duerksen

    Romans 12; Tyler Peachey; Carol Duerksen; Love; serve; serving; overcome; evil; good; persecute

  25. Working Together
    by Michele Hershberger

    I Corinthians 3; Michele Hershberger; work; together; servant; Paul; unity; quarrel; fight; foundation; church

  26. Bought with a Price
    by Randy Keener

    I Corinthians 6; Randy Keener; body; temple; Holy Spirit; bought; cost

  27. The Body of Christ
    by Faye Wagner and Carol Duerksen

    I Corinthians 12; Faye Wagner; Carol Duerksen; body; Christ; Jesus; Paul; church; responsibility; members

  28. The Love Chapter
    by Michele Hershberger and Carol Duerksen

    I Corinthians 13; Michele Hershberger; Carol Duerksen; love; marriage; agape; sacrificial; divine

  29. The Cheerful Giver
    by Brian Hackman and Carol Duerksen

    I Corinthians 9; Brian Hackman; Carol Duerksen; cheerful; cheer; give; generosity; money

  30. The Only Thing That Counts
    by Angela Stauffer

    Galatians 5; Angela Stauffer; freedom; change; worry; selfish; conviction; love

  31. Others First
    by Jon Van Houwe

    Philippians 2; Jon Van Houwe; others; selfish; ambition; humility; humble; pride

  32. The Righteousness of Christ
    by Brent Gehman

    Philippians 3; Brent Gehman; Righteousness; Paul; gain; loss; faith

  33. New Clothes
    by Carol Duerksen

    I Colossians 3; Carol Duerksen; Clothing; Clothes; love; human nature; image of God

  34. The Bitter-Sweet Tongue
    by Eric Miller

    James 3; Matthew 5, 12; Eric Miller; tongue; words; curse; bless; praising; cursing; control

  35. The Lamb is in Control
    by Nicholas Stoddard

    Revelation 5; Nicholas Stoddard; Lamb; control; Christ; lion; scroll; seven seals; future; throne; hope

  36. Victory Through Christ
    by Kenton Miller

    Revelation 12; Kenton Miller; Victory; Christ; spiritual warfare; hope; salvation; faithful; Satan’s fall

  37. Finding God in your Neighborhood
    by Randy Keener

    John 1; Randy Keener; word; flesh; fully human; fully God; light; darkness; grace; truth

  38. Whole New Person
    by David Miller

    John 3; David Miller; born again; new birth; Nicodemus; Spirit; Jesus; water; spiritual life

  39. The Good Shepherd
    by Luke Wagner and Carol Duerksen

    John 10; Luke Wagner; Carol Duerksen; Jesus; shepherd; sheep; follow; gate; relationship; sacrifice

  40. People Pruning
    by Merle Christner

    John 15; Merle Christner; Jesus; vine; branches; love; pruning; bear fruit; friend

  41. Community of Believers
    by Randall Schlabach and Carol Duerksen

    Acts 18, 19; Randall Schlabach; Carol Duerksen; Apollos; community; believers; Priscilla; Aquila; baptize; preach

  42. Don’t Mess Around with Demons
    by Shae Miller and Carol Duerksen

    Acts 19; Shae Miller; Carol Duerksen; demons; Paul; healing; evil spirit; confession

  43. Bringing Life to Something that Seems Dead
    by Lara Hochstetler

    Acts 20; Lara Hochstetler; life; death; Pentecost; Paul; missionary; asleep; fall; church; young man

  44. When “The World” Supports Our Faith–Or Not
    by Travis Riesen and Carol Duerksen

    Acts 22; Travis Riesen; Carol Duerksen; Paul; faith; the world; Rome

  45. Courage to Take Risks
    by Bruce Hostetler and Carol Duerksen

    Acts 23; Bruce Hostetler; Carol Duerksen; Paul; Gentiles; Damascus road; prison

  46. Castaways and Hospitality
    by Erica Stoltzfus and Carol Duerksen

    Acts 27; Erica Stoltzfus; Carol Duerksen; shipwreck; castaway; hospitality; snakes

  47. Affluenza
    by Ben Barwick

    Amos 2; Ben Barwick; prophet; affluence; Israel; judgement

  48. When God Speaks, Do People Listen?
    by Kaely Miller

    Amos 3; Kaely Miller; God calls; listen; punishment; injustice

  49. False Worship
    by Travis Riesen

    Amos 4; Travis Riesen; fall; rich; poverty; worship; false; punishment

  50. The Rich and the Poor
    by Julie Snyder

    Amos 5; Julie Snyder; kingdoms; unfaithful; justice; rich; poor

  51. Woe to You!
    by Bruce Hostetler and Carol Duerksen

    Amos 6; Bruce Hostetler; Carol Duerksen; woe; prophet; punishment; injustice; behavior; doom

  52. Amos’ Text Message
    by Carol Duerksen and Erica Stoltzfus

    Amos 9; Carol Duerksen; Erica Stoltzfus; prophet; prophesy; divided kingdom; text message

  53. Adopted!
    by Michele Hershberger

    Ephesians 1; Michele Hershberger; Paul; adopted; adoption; chosen; mission

  54. Hope and Power!
    by Michele Hershberger

    Ephesians 1; Michele Hershberger; hope; power; wisdom; reveal; Christ; revelation

  55. The Hidden Treasure
    by Danielle Early

    Matthew 13; Danielle Early; treasure; field; parable; Jesus; joy

  56. Saved by Grace
    by Ilya Pavlov

    Ephesians 2; Ilya Pavlov; grace; saved; salvation; Paul; works; new creature; motivation

  57. So Who’s Really Blind
    by Ilya Pavlov

    Ephesians 2; Ilya Pavlov; grace; saved; salvation; Paul; works; new creature; motivation

  58. Treasure Hunt
    by Ona Matulionyte

    Matthew 13; Ona Matulionyte; treasure; hunt; pearls; swine; kingdom; heaven

  59. Refining Fire
    by Ona Matulionyte

    Isaiah 48; Ona Matulionyte; fire; refine; truth; treasure; pearls; hardship

  60. Dividing Wall is Down!
    by Michele Hershberger

    Ephesians 2; Michele Hershberger; walls; hostility; barrier; dividing; temple; heirs