Writing a Church Planting Proposal

Mauricio Chenlo – Mennonite Church USA Church Planting

Every Church Plant should start with a detailed written proposal. Here is an outline for a good proposal.

  1. Why start a New Church?
    • How has God called you to plant a church?
    • What is your vision for a new church?
    • Why another church in this community
    • Why be a part of the sponsoring organization?
  2. Who is the Ministry Focus Group?
    • Describe in detail the ministry focus group.
    • What are the felt needs of the people of the focus group?
    • Support with data — demographics.
    • Vividly describe the location of the target group.
  3. What kind of a church are we going to plant?
    • State your core values.
    • State and expand your mission statement.
    • What will be the ministry style?
    • Tell how you will make mature disciples starting with the felt needs listed above.
    • How will you be a part of the sponsoring organization?
  4. With whom will you plant this church?
    • Describe your ideal launch team — included gift mix.
    • What will be the profile of a ministry partner?
    • Define the specific roles you need to fill in order to launch.
    • List the team members you will need.
    • Describe how the sponsoring organization can best come along side of you.
  5. How will you gather a group to be a church?
    • Describe how you will meet people.
    • Describe how you will gather people.
    • Describe how you will recruit people to the vision.
  6. Define the critical success indicators at each step of the way.
    • Number of leaders
    • Signs that the church is functioning as a church outside of worship service.
    • Number of small groups — etc.
    • Number of people in launch team.
    • Roles that must be filled.
  7. When will the church go public?
    • What are the 5 to 8 critical success indicators that must be fulfilled before the church goes public so that the church is really a church?
    • Months from conception to birth.
    • Develop a time line that included incremental steps for items in number 6
  8. How much will it cost?
    • Include start up budget and expected funding streams.
    • Define funding strategy