Revitalize Now!

101 Resources for Your Church

Within this manual of congregational revitalization and growth is a collection of various kinds of resources, some of which are original to the compiler/editor. Some are adapted from other resources, and still others are surveys or lists taken from selected writers. As I have collected and examined this wide array of materials that I have gathered over the years, I felt that this collection could be of immense value for pastors and congregational leaders if they were compiled and offered in one publication. Where it was possible to make contact with these authors, I have offered them with their permission.

The different categories indicate what I might call a smorgasbord of materials, but definitely not all of them being used by any one church of congregational leader. However, there may be a few particular resources or lists or surveys which could serve well in helping a particular congregation examine its life and outreach.

Certain surveys will serve a congregation best when the pastor of congregational leader makes copies and passes them around to committee or commission members who are attempting to analyze a certain part of the congregation’s ministry and mission. Others might be used only by the pastor or other leadership as they reflect on the present life and witness of their church, and what they would like it to be in the future. Permission is granted by the compiler/editor to freely make copies of these materials to be used within your congregation.

This collection of resources begins with an eight-page congregational survey which may be used to stimulate interest and gather perspective. The table of contents outlines the various categories and materials which are assembled.

Ed Bontrager

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Table of Contents

1. Congregational Survey


2. Worship – Then and Now
3. Providing the Best Worship Experience
4. Choosing Music that can Attract Seekers
5. Visual Arts for Enhancing Worship
6. Evaluating your Church Bulletin
7. What in the World is an Usher Really Supposed to Do?
8. How Barrier-Free is your Church
9. Including Those with Disabilities
10. What Newcomers Fear about Coming to Church

Christian Education

11. Sunday School Evaluation Checklist
12. Sunday School Class Names
13. Evaluating Sunday School Class Discussions
14. Nurturing Families


15. Ten Guidelines for Positive Christian Leadership
16. Congregational Growth Leaders
17. How to Remember People’s Names
18. Getting to Know your Church Members
19. Starting a New Service
20. Twelve Steps for Adding a “New” Service
21. A Leadership Analysis
22. What to do When People Leave your Congregation
23. Church Drop-outs and How to Reach Them
24. When You Chair a Committee
25. Care and Feeding of an Office Administrator
26. How to Get Along with People
27. Volunteers in Congregational Life


28. Congregational Goals
29. A Mission and a Dream
30. Are Your Goals on Target

Age Groupings

31. Your Church’s Nursery
32. Children in Your Congregation
33. Twenty-five Ways to Keep the Campfire Burning
34. Incorporating Youth Within Your Congregation
35. Youth Group Outreach Checklist
36. Fund-Raising Ideas for Youth Groups
37. Are You Able to Keep Young Adults Active in Your Congregation?
38. Seniors’ Ministries


39. Love – A Key for Congregational Effectiveness
40. Suggestions to Pastors of Smaller Churches
41. What’s the Small Church Pastor to Do?
42. Fifteen Practical Ideas for Congregational Revitalization
43. Congregational Morale
44. Missional and Communal Practices for the Church
45. Factors that Stagnate the Church
46. Signs of a Passive Church


47. Periods of Receptivity
48. Twenty Ways Christians can Share a Witness
49. Pointers on Witnessing to People of Other Religions
50. Beginning Your Witness with a Question
51. Guidelines for a Personal Evangelism Plan
52. Evangelism Approaches
53. How to Approach the Homeless in Street Evangelism

Church Growth

54. Characteristics of Rapidly Growing Churches
55. Marks of a Thriving Church
56. Church Climate Opinion Poll
57. What Are Our Congregational Barriers?
58. Being Proactive Makes a Difference
59. Room to Grow
60. Evaluating Our Church Planting Potential


61. Evaluating Our Congregational Outreach
62. Elements of Hospitality in the Church
63. Connecting With Your Community
64. Try Pastoring the Unchurched
65. Outreach Checklist for Congregations
66. Ten Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor
67. New Zest for Your Missions Committee
68. Taking a Community Survey
69. Reaching the Forgotten
70. Keeping in Touch with Overseas Missionaries
71. Congregational Evaluation for Nurture and Outreach


72. Are Guests Truly Welcomed?
73. What Guests Appreciate When They Attend Your Church
74. Do Newcomers Know you are Expecting Company?
75. Inviting People to Church
76. What Church Names Are The Most Invitational?
77. The “Visitor Friendly” Congregation
78. Thirteen Ways to Reduce Anxiety for First-Time Guests
79. Ten Excellent Ways to Make Sure Visitors Don’t Come Back to Your Church Ever Again!
80. Our Hospitality Survey


81. A Primer for Starting Small Groups
82. How to Include New People in Your Church
83. Friendship Partners or Faith Friends
84. A Plan for Including New Attenders
85. Are Persons Really Connecting With Your Congregation?
86. Indicators of Inclusion Within the Church
87. A Checklist of Factors that Hold People Together

Other Resources Related to Congregational Life

88. Our Congregation and Finances
89. How to Develop a Church Brochure
90. Funeral / Memorial Service Preparations
91. Twenty Questions to Ask Before a Church Building Expansion
92. Church Building Guidelines
93. Doing a Church Walk-Through
94. Why People Resist Change
95. Dealing With Abuse in the Congregation
96. Work Habits of People Who Really Get Things Done
97. The Energy Efficient Church
98. Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love
99. Where I’m From
100. End of Life Issues – Making Your Wishes Know
101. Engaging in a Church Consultation

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