Radical Hospitality Bible Study


Immigration. The word is tossed around and debated in our media, government, classrooms, and churches. These conversations are often loaded with emotion and opinions. What are the basic facts about U.S. immigration?  Who are the people involved? What does the Bible have to say to us as Christians about immigration? What role might we fill as Anabaptists within this age-old challenge?

These questions and more are unpacked in the Bible study, Radical Hospitality: Responding to the issue of immigration. This free resource is specifically designed to be flexible and accessible; all materials are available below for download and the curriculum can be customized to meet your group’s needs. The core curriculum is based on five videos (each 15-20 min.) and an accompanying Resource Guide, which includes tips for facilitating a successful experience, discussion questions, and a robust list of support materials.

This resource is ideal for adult Sunday School classes, small fellowship groups, weekend adult Bible Schools, and congregational in-services. The curriculum can be customized to be 6 to 13 weeks long, depending on your group’s preference.

If you would like to contribute to this project, make a donation and your name will be included as a supporter in the Resource Guide. This is provided as a free resource and any donations are welcomed—no amount is too small!  Thank you for your support.

Check out the Radical Hospitality six-week core curriculum and download the Bible study guide.