Pastor/Congregation Evaluation


Formal reviews 3 – 5 years

Solo Minister
Pastor/Congregation Review for solo pastor of a congregation.

Team Ministry with lead pastor
Review for multi staff congregations with lead pastor supervising the other pastors


Shared Team Ministry
Review for multi-staff congregations with personnel committee supervising pastors


Pastor/Congregation Review – Appreciative Inquiry
This form of evaluation shifts from a problem-based to a strength-based approach while also identifying areas for growth in ministry.  The focus is to identify “what is life giving” in a formative, future oriented way. 


Personnel policy development and pastoral reviews


Informal assessments

Six Core Competencies
This tool can be helpful in assessing the pastor’s ministry balance around the competencies identified in our denominations.  These six areas can be processed together or on a rhythm which seems manageable for your local context.


First year review of pastor in new congregational assignment
During the first year of a ministry it is imperative for the channels of feedback between the lay leaders of the congregation and the pastor be as open and honest as possible.  This short feedback tool is to help facilitate such conversations for alignment, growth and enhanced years of ministry.