Future Church Summit: Background

  Español “I feel we have lost our vision, and it needs to be reignited. I came to this church to be part of a different narrative — a counter-cultural, anti-Christendom movement that follows a radical Jesus. The first Anabaptists chose to be radical – not assimilated to culture or the spirit of the age. […]

Pastor/Congregation Evaluation

Introduction Formal reviews 3 – 5 years Solo Minister Pastor/Congregation Review for solo pastor of a congregation. Overview Solo Ministry Solo Ministry   Team Ministry with lead pastor Review for multi staff congregations with lead pastor supervising the other pastors Overview Team Ministry with Lead Pastor Team Ministry with Lead Pastor   Shared Team Ministry […]

MennoCon 2017: Orlando | Español 

English Libro de programa Materiales para la Asamblea de Delegados: Orlando 2017 Resoluciones Buscar la paz en Israel y Palestina: una resolución para la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. por venir Proceso Endosos Lecturas de fondo y lecturas adicionales (en inglés) Introduction and Background Introductory video to “Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine” Webinar series: Seeking […]

MennoCon 2017: Orlando

Español   Relevant News Orlando 2017 Program Book Orlando Squeeze: Convention Newssheet Tuesday Recap Wednesday Recap Thursday Recap Friday Recap Final   Pre-Convention Newsletters September 2016 | Registration, Lodging and meal information December 2016 | Registration opens soon! Speaker and schedule information June 2017 | Last details and Opening Events   Seminar Schedules Adult Seminars Young Adult Seminars Intergenerational […]

Future Church Summit Outcomes Report

Español As Christians, we are people who let Christ’s grace soften our grip on our lives in order to open ourselves to God’s life working in us. Releasing our desire for control enables us to welcome God’s future — that the Spirit of God would produce life in and through us, and that the life […]