Pathways Study Guide

The “Pathways” study guide invites congregations and groups across MC USA to engage in studying Scripture, singing, praying, storytelling, exploring Anabaptist history and values, and discussing how they see God working in their lives. It is a way for groups to participate in the Journey Forward churchwide renewal process that will highlight how God is […]

Prevention and Response: Sexual Abuse and Non-Credentialed Individuals

Español At the end of a two-year term (Jan. 2016-18) the Panel on Sexual Abuse Prevention created guidelines for response when non-credentialed individuals are accused of sexualized violence in the context of congregations, conferences and organizations. This resource is not a legal document, and the guidelines it contains are not meant to replace the legal […]

Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct

Español As we work to better recognize and respond appropriately to Sexual Abuse, MC USA’s Leadership Development, in partnership with Dove’s Nest, has created a poster designed to empower all members and participants in congregations to recognize and respond to sexual misconduct and abuse. Digital Poster Print Poster

El informe de resultados de la cumbre por el futuro de la iglesia | Español

English Como cristianos, somos un pueblo que permitimos que la gracia de Dios reduzca el estrés en nuestras vidas para que podamos permitir que Dios obre en nosotros. Cuando abandonamos nuestro deseo de controlar las cosas podemos dar la bienvenida al futuro que Dios nos da –que el Espíritu de Dios genere vida en y […]