Future Church Summit Outcomes Report

Español As Christians, we are people who let Christ’s grace soften our grip on our lives in order to open ourselves to God’s life working in us. Releasing our desire for control enables us to welcome God’s future — that the Spirit of God would produce life in and through us, and that the life […]

Materiales de los delegados

English Materiales para la Asamblea de Delegados: Orlando 2017   Resoluciones   Buscar la paz en Israel y Palestina: una resolución para la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. por venir Proceso Endosos Lecturas de fondo y lecturas adicionales (en inglés) Introduction and Background Introductory video to “Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine” Webinar series: Seeking Peace […]

Pastor Salary Guidelines for 2017-2018

Worksheet Interpretive Comments Geographical Units Covenant of Understanding Minister’s Retirement Fund Recommendations Retirement Contribution Limits Retired Ministers  The Leadership Development Team of Mennonite Church USA provides guidelines for compensation of our pastors and conference ministers.  The goal is to be supportive of ministers and their families and fair to congregations and conferences. Our commitment to […]

Congregation/Pastor Packets

Ministry Transitions – Candidate Version – This packet is for persons who are seeking new places of ministry, for those seeking placement for the first time; or for those who are considering being credentialed. Ministry Transitions – Search Committee Version – This packet is requested by search committees who are looking for a new pastor. […]

I’ve Got the Power! Naming and reclaiming power as a force for good

I’ve got the power! Naming and reclaiming power as a force for good was the second Women Doing Theology conference organized by the Women in Leadership Project. Over 150 participants gathered at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia to explore together what it means to recognize the power we possess and how scary it […]

Revitalize Now!

101 Resources for Your Church Within this manual of congregational revitalization and growth is a collection of various kinds of resources, some of which are original to the compiler/editor. Some are adapted from other resources, and still others are surveys or lists taken from selected writers. As I have collected and examined this wide array […]

Delegate Resources

Español   Relevant News   Delegate Resources and other information from Orlando 2017 can be found here.

Guidelines for Developing Resolutions

The Mennonite Church USA Executive Board has developed updated guidelines for proposed resolutions that serve as “Church Statements.” Changes to the guidelines include providing greater online access to proposed resolutions and more opportunities for feedback, limiting the number of resolutions that can be adopted at any given Delegate Assembly and encouraging the development of resolutions […]