Constituency Leaders Council (CLC)

Leaders from each area conference and recognized group meet together at least twice each year to counsel and advise the Mennonite Church USA Executive Board and to engage in conference-to-conference dialogue.

The representational voice of conference and constituent group leaders is heard through the Constituency Leaders Council. CLC members worship and pray together, encourage faithfulness, share ideas and resources, process concerns and discern direction on issues of faith and life in Mennonite Church USA.

The CLC serves as a primary forum for conference-to-conference conversation and networking, as a place for conferences and constituency groups to talk together with churchwide agency representatives, and as a voice for agenda from the grassroots to surface with the Executive Board.

Each conference is invited to send up to three representatives to the CLC, at least one of which should be a conference minister. Recognized constituency groups may send two representatives to the CLC. The Mennonite Church USA moderator-elect serves as the chair of the group, and a vice chair is chosen by CLC members each biennium.

One role of the CLC is to nominate half of the eight-member Leadership Discernment Committee for election by the Delegate Assembly.