Bivocational Pastors

For Pastors:

  • Pros and Cons
    Bivocational ministry is not for every pastor. This gathering of positives and negatives from research and Mennonite bivocational pastors may help discern if God is calling you to this unique form of ministry.
  • Time Management and Boundaries
    How to accept being “done” when there is always more that could be done. How to accept that we can’t and won’t attend everything full-time pastors do. Rituals to un-hook and protect the day off.
  • Empowering Laity and Leading Collaboratively
    Guidelines for equipping and empowering congregational members to share leadership so that the pastor doesn’t have to be present at all committee meetings yet is kept informed.
  • Implications for the family
    Advice for family care such as: Never use vacation from secular job to pastor. Take vacations. Plan family nights that neither job can interrupt.
  • Are Part-time pastors only Partly pastors?
    Some part-time or bivocational pastors feel at times like second-class pastors. Our society contributes to this in ways.

For Congregations/Pastors:


  • MEDA offers start-up loans through ACCESS program to make loans to a community association that might include employment for the pastor



All bivocational congregations and pastors should have this quote carved in stone:

“A part-time arrangement between pastor and congregation does not mean that the person is a part-time pastor, nor that the congregation is a part-time church.”

-Stephen Norcross