Archives Reading Room Policies

  1. Researchers must register annually. A researcher card will be issued and must be shown at all subsequent visits.  Researchers must also sign in daily.
  2. Researchers must leave coats, backpacks and other materials outside of the research room.
  3. Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the research room.
  4. Archival and manuscript materials are fragile and therefore must be handled with care. Do not mark, fold, trace over, cut or otherwise damage them.
  5. Use of pens, markers and highlighters of any type is strictly prohibited. Use pencil or computers to take notes.
  6. Please preserve the existing order of the collections. Take care to return all records and documents to their original folders and/or boxes.
  7. Materials may not be checked out of the research room unless authorized by the Mennonite Church USA Historical Committee staff.
  8. Archives users may photocopy materials using the copier in the research room ($.15 per page) or may use personal digital cameras or portable scanners in the reading room in accordance with our policies at no charge.  Archives users may also ask archives staff to digitize materials for a fee.
  9. Archives users are responsible for complying with the terms of any and all restrictions placed on the materials being used, including but not limited to copyright laws, libel and privacy legislation. If you find private information (social security numbers, health records, etc.) please bring it to the attention of the staff.
  10. If requested, all notes, photocopies and other papers and books must be presented to staff for inspection before leaving the research room
  11. Please cite the archives appropriately in any published works. A citation guide is available.

Adopted 9/2010; updated 11/2013