Archives Lending Guidelines

The Mennonite Church USA Archives does not lend collections to donors or researchers or otherwise allow them to be moved from the building except under special conditions as outlined below.

(1) Agency materials may be requested for temporary or permanent return to the creating agency for legal or administrative use. The term “agency” refers only to Mennonite administrative organizations paying  fees for archival and records management services. The lending period for temporary loans will not exceed one month and must be negotiated with the archivist before the material leaves the building.

(2) Materials may be lent to another institution for exhibition and display in secure environments. Such arrangements will be made at the archivists’ discretion.

(3) Materials may be lent to another archives for research use. Such arrangements will be made at the archivists’ discretion.

(4) Materials may be temporarily removed for classroom use. The archivist will arrange for the transport of the materials off site. Usually the archivist will not only deliver the materials to and from the classroom, but also remain with the materials in the classroom.

(5) Materials may be removed from the archives for conservation treatments and reformatting, including digitization. Such arrangements will be made at the archivists’ discretion.

(6) Archives staff members will serve as intermediaries for individuals or organizations seeking copies of materials that cannot be reproduced in house. Archives staff will be responsible for making materials available to vendors and returning them to the archives.

 Adopted 12/2010