Advent At Home

God’s goodness is breaking out all over! Can you see it?

With this free download, your family can focus on God’s goodness for six weeks this Advent season. What a pleasant change that could be from engaging the turbulence that surrounds us.

God’s Goodness, this year’s Advent At Home booklet for families, focuses on what goodness truly looks and acts like.

Based on the congregational worship themes in Leader magazine, God’s Goodness:

  • uses clear, accessible language that connects congregational worship and life at home.
  • offers child- and family-friendly suggestions for responding to the season’s themes and scriptures.
  • provides opportunities to engage Christian practices and to consider how God is at work.

This Advent, a focus on God’s goodness encourages us to live in hope because we know that God’s goodness is breaking out within and among us.

This devotional resource is for anyone who longs to keep Christ in Christmas, regardless of their background or previous church experience.

—Elsie Rempel, Winnipeg, Manitoba – faith formation consultant and writer of the series

Download your copy here.

Originally produced by Mennonite Church Canada, the Advent at Home series has been a well-received Advent resource for many households since 2002. Since the fall of 2016, this resource continues to be developed by the Anabaptist Faith Formation Network.