Talkin’ Bout a Revolution: Dialogue, Practice and the Work of Liberation

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution: Dialogue, Practice and the Work of Liberation was the third Women Doing Theology Conference organized by MC USA’s Women in Leadership. Program Book (PDF)    English | Español Workshops and Paper Presentations (PDF) Speakers   The World is about to Turn Dr. Malinda Elizabeth Berry Professor at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminar Elkhart, Indiana […]

Lent At Home 2019

Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast. Can you taste it? With this free download, your family can journey with Jesus through the six weeks from Pancake Tuesday ‘til Easter. What an opportunity to ground ourselves and find our most basic needs met in God’s abundance! Such a journey might just remind us how our human emptiness contrasts […]

Advent At Home

God’s goodness is breaking out all over! Can you see it? With this free download, your family can focus on God’s goodness for six weeks this Advent season. What a pleasant change that could be from engaging the turbulence that surrounds us. God’s Goodness, this year’s Advent At Home booklet for families, focuses on what […]

La guía de estudio “Pathways”

La guía de estudio “Pathways” o “Caminos” en español invita a todas las iglesias y grupos de la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. a involucrarse con el estudio de la Escritura, el canto, la oración, la narración de historias, y la exploración de la historia y los valores anabautistas, y para dialogar sobre cómo experimentan la […]

Prevención y respuesta: El Abuso Sexual y las Personas sin Credenciales

English Después de un periodo de dos años (enero 2016 a enero 2018) el Panel Sobre la Prevención de Abuso Sexual creó pautas para responder cuando una persona que no posea credenciales está acusado de violencia sexual en el contexto de congregaciones, conferencias y organizaciones. Este recurso no es de carácter legal, y las pautas […]

Reconociendo y Respondiendo al Abuso Sexual

Mientras trabajamos juntos a reconocer y responder al abuso sexual en una manera apropiada, la oficina de desarrollo de liderazgo de Mennonite Church USA, junto con Dove’s Nest, ha creado un póster designado a empoderar a todos los miembros y participantes dentro de congregaciones a reconocer y responder al a conducta sexual inapropiada. Versión Digital […]

Pathways Study Guide

The “Pathways” study guide invites congregations and groups across MC USA to engage in studying Scripture, singing, praying, storytelling, exploring Anabaptist history and values, and discussing how they see God working in their lives. It is a way for groups to participate in the Journey Forward churchwide renewal process that will highlight how God is […]

Prevention and Response: Sexual Abuse and Non-Credentialed Individuals

Español At the end of a two-year term (Jan. 2016-18) the Panel on Sexual Abuse Prevention created guidelines for response when non-credentialed individuals are accused of sexualized violence in the context of congregations, conferences and organizations. This resource is not a legal document, and the guidelines it contains are not meant to replace the legal […]

Pastor Salary Guidelines for 2018-2019

Worksheet Interpretive Comments Geographical Units Covenant of Understanding Retired Ministers  The Leadership Development Team of Mennonite Church USA provides guidelines for compensation of our pastors and conference ministers.  The goal is to be supportive of ministers and their families and fair to congregations and conferences. Our commitment to quality ministry is reflected in part in […]

Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct

Español As we work to better recognize and respond appropriately to Sexual Abuse, MC USA’s Leadership Development, in partnership with Dove’s Nest, has created a poster designed to empower all members and participants in congregations to recognize and respond to sexual misconduct and abuse. Digital Poster Print Poster