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Joint Executive Committee Covenant

This covenant is a written agreement between Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA to maintain intentional partnerships in areas of mutual interest.  The Joint Executive Committee reviews this covenant annually.

Understanding Conflict in Israel-Palestine

 FAQ | Brief History of Mennonite Involvement | MennoPIN Resources Israel-Palestine Resolution Resolución Israel-Palestina (pospuesta en julio 1 del 2015 para la asamblea de delegados en 2017)   Recommended Resources for further study: New Kairos Study Guide from PC USA, adapted for Mennonites What is Palestine-Israel: Answers to Common Questions, by Sonia K. Weaver (2009) Hebron […]

MennoCon 2015: Kansas City

Program Book:  English  |  Español Week-at-a-Glance Schedule Adult Worship Speakers Youth Worship Speakers Sending Prayers Delegate Assembly Minutes   Convention Newsletters July 2015: It’s a wrap! June 2015: See you in KC! March 2015: The workshop and seminar issue November 2014: The all-you-need-to-know-about-registration issue June 2014: The worship planning issue March 2014: The KC2015 theme […]

Phoenix 2013 Minutes and Resolutions

2013 Minutes Minutes from the 2013 Delegate Assembly 2013 Resolutions Immigration Statement  Creation Care Protecting and Nurturing our Children and Youth Delegate Feedback Summaries of Delegate Feedback from Phoenix 2013

Mennonite Resolutions and Confessions

Official resolutions, position statements and confessions adopted by Mennonite Church USA (2010 and earlier) are all collected and available online at the Global Anabaptist Wiki. Included are the documents of the denomination’s predecessors–Mennonite Church (MC), and General Conference Mennonite Church (GCMC), which Mennonite Church USA has accepted as its official statements. Anabaptist confessions are also listed. […]

Guidelines for Biblical/Communal Discernment

Discernment is a means by which people of faith come to understand God’s will. It is a process by which believers anticipate God’s presence, seek for God’s guidance, and listen for God’s call. This resource is for congregational and area conference use.

Healthcare Access

March 27, 2007 The delegates at the Atlanta 2003 Delegate Assembly authorized the Healthcare Access Initiative. This four-year project will be drawing to a close at the SanJosé 2007 Delegate Assembly. During the past two years, project staffing has changed from a volunteer commission with limited staff support, to an Executive Leadership staff position filled […]

Pautas para el discernimiento bíblico/comunitario

Como cristianos anabautistas, creemos que tomamos las mejores decisiones cuando nos reunimos en el nombre de Jesús en torno a la Palabra de Dios, en actitud de oración y buscando la guía del Espíritu Santo para nuestra vida compartida en el mundo.