Materiales de los delegados

English Materiales para la Asamblea de Delegados: Orlando 2017   Resoluciones   Buscar la paz en Israel y Palestina: una resolución para la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. por venir Proceso Endosos Lecturas de fondo y lecturas adicionales (en inglés) Introduction and Background Introductory video to “Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine” Webinar series: Seeking Peace […]

Revitalize Now!

101 Resources for Your Church Within this manual of congregational revitalization and growth is a collection of various kinds of resources, some of which are original to the compiler/editor. Some are adapted from other resources, and still others are surveys or lists taken from selected writers. As I have collected and examined this wide array […]

Orlando 2017: Delegate Resources

Español   Relevant News   Delegate Assembly Resources: Orlando 2017 Orlando 2017 Program Book Schedule and Agenda for Orlando 2017 Delegate Sessions KC2015 Delegate Assembly Minutes   Resolutions Seeking Peace in Israel-Palestine Resolution  Process Endorsements   Resources and Additional Reading Introduction and Background Introductory video to “Seeking Peace in Israel and Palestine” Webinar series: Seeking Peace in Israel-Palestine Resolution […]

Love is a Verb Spiritual Practices Resource

Click here for related blogs. A one-year guide for spiritual practices on love as a verb or action, along with six streams of spirituality, in preparation for the 2017 Mennonite Church USA convention English   El amor es un verbo: Una guía de prácticas espirituales Una guía de prácticas espirituales para un año sobre el […]

Women in Leadership Project Brochure

When Mennonite Women USA called for an audit of Mennonite institutions in 2009, an opportunity for systemic change was created. After an examination of the numbers of women leaders in Mennonite institutions, it was clear that quantitative analysis was not enough. Thus the Women in Leadership Project (WLP) was born—an initiative to name and transform […]

Grace at the Table: A Resource for Institutional Peacemaking

Grace at the Table was researched and written by Alyssa Bennett Smith as the capstone project for her Master of Theology degree at Central Baptist Theological Seminary.  Published in May 2015, it is intended to provide information about the writing, intention, and application of the foundational documents of Mennonite Church USA, as well as Our Purposeful Plan. […]

Asamblea de Delegados de la convención de Phoenix 2013

2013 Minutes Complete minutes from the 2013 Delegate Assembly (en inglés) Actas abreviadas de la Asamblea de Delegados del 2013 (en español) Resoluciones del 2013 Declaración sobre inmigración (revisada) Resolución para el cuidado de la creación Resolución: Proteger y nutrir a nuestros niños y juveniles Delegate Feedback Summaries of delegate feedback from Phoenix 2013 (en inglés)

2014 Encuesta a líderes acreditados de la Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU.

Un resumen ejecutivo de los resultados de la encuesta (5 páginas) El informe final sobre los resultados de la encuesta (23 páginas) Un apéndice con tablas que contienen datos (18 páginas) Línea de tiempo Artículo: La Iglesia Menonita de EE. UU. publica un informe sobre los resultados de la encuesta a líderes acreditados

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Resources for congregational treasurers

We have many tools to help keep congregational treasurer’s equipped. Check out the following: Sample guidelines and policies for church treasurers Sample job descriptions Church treasurer Conference business manager