Pastor Openings

Below is a current listing of congregational pastorate openings arranged by conference. Scroll down or jump to a specific conference by clicking on its name:

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Allegheny Mennonite Conference

Interim Conference Minister: Dave Mishler,  

Congregation FTE Position(Open Date) Departing Pastor Intentional Interim Pastor


Atlantic Coast Conference

Executive Conference Minister: Merv Stoltzfus,      717-394-8107 or 717-319-6554

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Hopewell Mennonite Church, Reading, Pennsylvania PT Pastor (May 2017) Frantz St Iago-Peretz  Leslie Homer-Cattell
Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship, New York, New York Marginal Pastor (April 2017) Sylvia Shirk  John Rempel
Neffsville Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania PT Director of Children’s Ministries (10-20 hours a week)
Ridgeview Mennonite Church, Gordonville, Pennsylvania .5-.75 FTE Associate Pastor


Central District Conference

Conference Minister: Doug Luginbill,, 574-534-1485 

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Emmaus Road Mennonite Fellowship, Berne, Indiana .5 FTE Pastor (January 2018) Anita Rediger
First Mennonite Church, Bluffton, Ohio 1 FTE Pastor of Connections (Associate Pastor) (Summer 2017) Steve Yoder George O’Reilly
 Paoli Mennonite Fellowship, Paoli, Indiana  .25 FTE Pastor of Youth Formation (Immediately)  Evie Shellenberger


Central Plains Mennonite Conference

Executive Conference Minister: David Boshart, 319-936-5904; Conference Minister for Ministerial Leadership: Tim Detweiler, 319-458-0224;Conference Minister for Christian Formation: Shana Peachey Boshart, 319-936-5905

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Des Moines Mennonite, Des Moines, Iowa Pastor Karen Dalke
Manson Mennonite, Manson, Iowa Pastor Aaron Carlson
North Side Fellowship, Omaha, Nebraska Bi-vocational, church planting
West Union Mennonite, Parnell, Iowa Pastor Corey Miller Firman Gingerich
Zion Mennonite, Donnellson, Iowa Pastor Marcia Yoder-Schrock  Pam Gerig Unruh


Eastern District Conference

Acting Conference Minister: Scott Roth, 267-932-6050 ext 138 

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Eastern District Conference  if interested, contact Rodger Schmell at 40 hours/month Lead Conference Minister (immediately) Handle the day to day operation, working closely with the Board, be main liaison with Mennonite Church USA, serve three churches  and be a resource to assist and help move them in their mission and vision. Warren Tyson


Franconia Mennonite Conference

Director of Leadership Cultivation and Congregational Resourcing: Stephen Kriss,  (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont )

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Alpha Mennonite Church, Alpha, New Jersey Part-time Pastor Krista Showalter Ehst
Franconia Mennonite Church, Telford, Pennsylvania Associate Pastor for Youth  Mike Ford
Indonesian Light Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Part-time Pastor (immediate)  Emily Ralph Servant
Philadelphia Praise Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Part-time Outreach Pastor (Spanish-speaking) (immediate)
Providence Mennonite Church, Collegeville, Pennsylvania 1/4-time Pastor Gary Lloyd  Tim Moyer
Souderton Mennonite Church, Souderton, Pennsylvania Associate Pastor for Youth (May  2018) Josh Jefferson
Taftsville Chapel Mennonite Fellowship, Taftsville, Vermont Pastor Randy Good Dorcas Miller Lehman
Vincent Mennonite Church, Spring City, Pennsylvania Pastor Tim Moyer Wes Boyer


Gulf States Mennonite Conference

Conference Moderator: Jeff Landis

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor


Illinois Mennonite Conference

Executive Conference Minister: Michael Danner,

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
 First Mennonite Church, Morton, Illinois Full-time Pastor of Family Lilfe (current) New Position
St. Louis Mennonite Fellowship, Saint Louis, Missouri .5 FTE – Full-time FTE transitional pastor (August 2017) Samuel Voth Schrag


Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference

Conference Pastor: Daniel Z. Miller, 574-534-4006 Conference Pastor for Leadership Transitions: Doug Kaufman, 574-534-4006

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship, Goshen, Indiana .5 FTE Pastor with faith formation emphasis (current) New Position
Cedar Grove Mennonite, Manistique, Michigan .2 FTE Pastor (could combine with Wildwood Mennonite Church role)(current) Jim Troyer
Fairhaven Mennonite Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana .25 FTE Pastor (current) Keith Reynolds Marshall Anderson
First Mennonite Church, Middlebury, Indiana .5 FTE Pastor of Youth and Faith Formation (current) Derrick Ramer
Maple River Mennonite Church, Brutus, Michigan .33 FTE Pastor Todd Thompson Steve Slagel
Wildwood Mennonite Church, Engadine, Michigan .3 FTE Ministry team leader( could combine with Cedar Grove Mennonite Church role) (current)


Lancaster Mennonite Conference-Network Churches

Acting Conference Minister: Carol Oberholtzer,   

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Hershey Mennonite Church, Kinzers, Pennsylvania  if interested contact Stephen, .75 FTE Lead Pastor (January 2016)
Vision Columbia, Columbia, Pennsylvania    if interested contact Keith,  Church Planter (September 2016)


Mountain States Mennonite Conference

Transition Conference Ministers: Linford King,, 717-615-3239;  and Mary Etta King, For Conference Minister position contact: Ken Gingerich,

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Albuquerque Mennonite Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico  3/4-FTE Lead Pastor (May 2017)
Boulder Mennonite Church, Boulder, Colorado Full-time Pastor (May 2017)
First Mennonite Church of Denver, Denver, Colorado Full-time Lead Pastor (September 2017)

Conference Minister: seeking a leader who will help guide our efforts as we grow as a network of Anabaptist communities in the inter-mountain west. While we see our mission as contextual and congregationally based, we are highly relational and also willing to undertake the entrepreneurial ventures we feel God is calling us to embrace.  For information about MSMC visit

Contact Ken Gingerich if interested

50% to 75% depending on skillset and interests Annie Lengacher Browning Mary Etta/Linford King


New York Mennonite Conference

Conference Minister: Gene Miller,

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor


Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA

Regional Pastor: Ralph Reinford, 330-347-4791    Regional Pastor: Cliff Brubaker,

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Beech Mennonite Church, Louisville, Ohio Full-time Pastor (January 2017) Dan King
Bethel Mennonite Church, West Liberty, Ohio Full-time Lead Pastor (March 2017) Dave Mauer Duane Beck
Friendship Mennonite Church, Bedford Hts, Ohio Full-time Pastor (January 2017) Kevin and Nan Kanagy Daniel Hooley
Midway Mennonite Church, Columbiana, Ohio Full-time Pastor (September 2016) Jesse Johnson
Millersburg Mennonite Church, Millersburg, Ohio Full-time Pastor (January 2017) Patrick Nafziger and Christine Nafziger Ernie Hershberger
Peace Mennonite Church, Elyria, Ohio 3/4-time Pastor Adam Houser
Zion Mennonite Church, Archbold, Ohio Up to Full-time Pastoral Team member with a focus on formation, congregational and crisis care and spirituality (March 2017)  Jeff Kauffman


Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference

Conference Minister: Katherine Jameson Pitts,, 503-349-5420  Contact her for congregational openings

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Albany Mennonite Church, Albany, Oregon Full-time Pastor (January 2017) Meghan Good Gary Jewell
Evergreen Mennonite Church, Kirkland, Washington .8 FTE Pastor (Current) Meg Lumsdaine Jessica Wright
Menno Mennonite Church, Ritzville, Washington Full-time Pastor (Current) Matthew Yoder Lyn and Jeanie Hershey
Prince of Peace Mennonite Church, Anchorage, Alaska .5 FTE Pastor (Current) John David Thacker  Paul Versluis


Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference

Conference Minister: Clare Ann Ruth-Heffelbower, 559-281-5664,

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
 LifeHouse Community Church, Surprise, Arizona  .5 FTE Pastor


South Central Mennonite Conference

Regional Conference Ministers: Clarence Rempel,, 316-650-0223  James Wenger,, 620-951-8057.

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Calico Rock Mennonite Fellowship, Calico Rock, Arkansas   If interested contact Part-time Pastor Dale Ivy Peter Hartman
Herold Mennonite Church, Cordell, Oklahoma If interested contact Pastor (January 2015)
Hesston Mennonite Church, Hesston, Kansas  If interested contact Full-time Pastoral Team Member John C. Murray Gordon Scoville


Southeast Mennonite Conference

Conference Administrator/District Minister: Lee Miller,,  941-321-7132

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor


Virginia Mennonite Conference

Conference Minister: Clyde Kratz, 540-434-9727

 Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
Christiansburg Mennonite Fellowship, Christiansburg, Virginia .75-1 FTE Lead Pastor (now) David Flowers Donald Yoder
Huntington Mennonite Church, Newport News, Virginia 1 FTE Senior Pastor (now)


Western District Conference

Conference Minister: Heidi Regier Kreider,; Associate Conference Minister (Texas-Based): Byron Pellecer, 540-209-7515,; Associate Conference Minister (Kansas-Based): Kathy Neufeld Dunn,

Congregation FTE Position (Open Date) Departing Pastor Interim Pastor
 First Mennonite Church, McPherson, Kansas  1 FTE Pastor  Kathy Neufeld Dunn  Randy Smith


Other Ministry Opportunities

Agency FTE Position (Open date) For Information Contact