Everence oversees Church Extension Services program


Everence oversees Church Extension Services program

First steps taken to strengthen and expand lending to emerging congregations

GOSHEN, Ind.—Everence is now providing support and supervision for Mennonite Church USA’s 53-year-old facilities loan program for urban, Racial/Ethnic and new immigrant congregations.

Established by the General Conference Mennonite Church in 1958, Church Extension Services provides much-needed loans to congregations and initiatives that have difficulty qualifying through traditional lending institutions. The $5 million fund is supported by the sale of investment securities to mission-driven investors in 22 states.

“Church Extension Services meshes well with the financial mission and ministry of Everence,” said Marty Lehman, Mennonite Church USA’s associate executive director for churchwide operations. “This partnership enhances both of these important services to the church.”

“As Christians, we can help open doors of opportunity for our local and global neighbors,” added Mark Regier, director of stewardship investing at Everence. “I see many opportunities for Everence to help sustain and expand the work of Church Extension Services in supporting congregations.”

Regier, who also manages the Everence community investing programs, added, “Everence Community Investments seeks innovative ways to channel investment dollars to underserved communities in the United States and abroad, by funding neighborhood revitalization, low-income housing, micro-enterprise development and environmental businesses. The work of Church Extension Services is a natural fit for us.”

The move began in early 2011, after a decision to align the two organizations’ boards of directors was approved by both Church Extension Services and Everence Community Investments.

Fuller integration will occur in the year ahead. In spring 2012, the core Church Extension Services functions will transfer from Newton, Kan., to the Everence headquarters in Goshen, Ind. The transition will conclude J. Jarrett Stucky’s role as Church Extension Services manager. Michael Horn, Everence director of charitable products and church loans, will pick up primary Church Extension Services lending responsibilities in April 2012.

“Church Extension Services fulfills an important missional need for our faith community,” said Larry Miller, Everence president and CEO and chair of the Church Extension Services board of directors. “Jarrett Stucky has provided invaluable leadership to the program over the past 13 years, and we are grateful for his expertise in helping facilitate this transition.”

Everence already has two other church loan programs—through the Everence First Mortgage Loan Program and Everence Federal Credit Union—which make money available to congregations and institutions to build new facilities or improve existing locations.

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