Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

Chantelle Todman Moore is co-founder of unlock Ngenuity a consulting, coaching and therapy business. Chantelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Community Development from Oral Roberts University, a Master of Business Administration in International Economic Development from Eastern University. She is passionate about embracing diversity and difference as a gift, seeking justice as a mandate and being moved to act by love. Chantelle is on the planning committee for the upcoming Women Doing Theology conference. 

I don’t necessarily get excited about conferences anymore. I have attended a lot of conferences in my time. More times than not, I have experienced wounding, disillusionment and exhaustion in conference spaces as a women of color who experiences marginalization on multiple levels.

This is why it’s a big deal that I am actually anticipating something different from the Women Doing Theology space this November. As part of the conference planning team for #WDT18, I have the power to co-shape a space where love, liberation, wholeness and yes, revolution are nurtured. As participants — you have that power too. I anticipate that together we will name the revolutionary work we engage in locally and beyond. I anticipate that we will live out these revolutions of love and liberation in embodied practices together. I anticipate co-creating space to both lament the “not yet” spaces in our lives, world and church where revolution is on its way and celebrate all the ways we have experienced a revolution in our lives, world and even in church.

When I begin to feel the heaviness of managing all of the details along with the rest of the planning team, I experience excitement and a lightening of the load when I think of you — your presence, your love, your celebration coming together and co-creating another ripple of revolution across our church and our country.

I experience a sense of gratitude and excitement in the strong awareness that Spirit goes before us and collaborates with us to create an undeniable and irrepressible revolution for healing and liberation.

Selah and Ashe


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