ReStoring community through service

2015 7 3 Service Projects at convention
Ashley Litwiller, youth pastor at Arthur Mennonite Church, sorts siding. Photo by Caitlin Nearhood.

By Venessa Owsley

Eleven members of the Arthur (Illinois) Mennonite Church from volunteered a few hours of their time Thursday afternoon to work at the Kansas City Habitat for Humanity ReStore facility as a servant project. Volunteers spent their time moving donated housing trim for transportation and sale in a ReStore facility.

2015 7 3 Service Projects at convention 2
Alicia Yoder, youth volunteer of Arthur Mennonite Church, unloads canes. By Caitlin Nearhood.

Ashley Litwiller, a youth pastor at Arthur Mennonite Church and one of the volunteers, said she wanted her youth church members “to learn that even the small things are helpful. Even just moving trim from one spot to another makes a difference. I want them to know that there are more than just a few ways to serve.”

The ReStore is the main fundraising program for Habitat for Humanity, said Ken Stricklan, ReStore volunteer recruiting and training manager. According to Strickland, ReStore is run similarly to most thrift stores. After collecting donations from the local community, volunteers and workers prepare the items for resale. These items are then sold and the profits from these sales go directly back into funding Habitat for Humanity. The ReStore sells most products, ranging from furniture to building supplies, all at discounted prices, Strickland said.

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