Benediction for #MennoCon19

A benediction by Dr. Sibonokuhle Ncube delivered at #MennoCon19 worship.

Peace be with you, Sons and Daughters of God, for whom creation groans, we are made manifest!

May we, again and again, experience that power that resurrected Jesus from the dead!

I declare grace and peace multiplied to you all from ravaged lands or bounty-filled pantries on this terrestrial globe!

Let His Shalom that surpasses all understanding, by the power of the Holy Spirit, overwhelm us past all isms!

I declare the excellence of the very peace proclaimed by the angels on that night divine, To propel us to radical love with benevolent abandon;

Setting our hearts on fire for neighbor as self, the stranger, the poor, widowed, orphaned, the hungry, the thirsty, the broken, imprisoned and creation;

Turning gun to ploughshare and pipelines to solar panels!

Tonight, let our hearts burn with zeal as our faith with works causes His Kingdom to prevail in this generation and beyond!

Go on now!

Go in God’s peace.
Go and change the world with Him and through Him!

Go and leave no one behind – from A to Z, America to Zimbabwe; The bride and Spirit cry, come Lord Jesus, the tables are turned over! Peace be with you.

A benediction prepared for evensong by Dr. Sibonokuhle Ncube

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One thought on “Benediction for #MennoCon19

  1. Beautiful! So meaningful. Thank you for this blessing and may God be with you as you return home. Ours prayers go with you till we meet again.

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