Prayer for the city of Aleppo

Carol Penner is a member of the faculty at Conrad Grebel University College in Waterloo, Ontario, teaching Practical Theology. This prayer originally appeared on her website: Leading Worship:Worship resources in a Mennonite voice for ears of all kinds.

God of angel armies, hear our prayer

for your beloved city of Aleppo.

Cast out the demon of bomb dropping.

Cast out the demon of rocket hurling.

Cast out the demon of bullet shooting.

Cast out the demon of hostage holding.

Cast out the demon of civilian persecuting.

Cast out the demon of ceasefire breaking.

Cast out the demon of perpetual despairing,

that would tell us there is no way to peace.


God, you are an impossibility specialist.

Send down angels to melt frozen hearts.

Send down angels to protect civilians.

Send down angels to destroy weapons.

Send down angels to negotiate treaties that last.

Send down angels to gather a scattered people.

Send down angels to heal a broken nation.

Send down angels with good news of great joy

which shall be for all people,

even the people of the city of Aleppo.

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One thought on “Prayer for the city of Aleppo

  1. Thank you for this prayer for the people of Aleppo. Let our prayers include thanksgiving to God for the liberation of his people; it is occurring, even as we prepare for Christmas here in the U.S.

    Yesterday (Dec. 19) I posted a 66-paragraph thumbnail history of the war in Syria (2007-2015). See (“The ‘Fall of Aleppo’?”). I hope readers find it helpful to the task of sorting out an understanding of events there. Mainstream media in the West have been less than helpful, I’m afraid.

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