Message to the Swarm: Five reasons to find us in Orlando

A joint message from the Mennonite colleges and universities

Swarming excited youth clamoring to get into the exhibit hall on the first night of convention…it is one of our favorite times of the week. That moment captures much about convention: the energy and enthusiasm of our denomination’s young people, the eagerness to make connections, the fun of being together. This year, the five Mennonite colleges and universities (Bethel, Bluffton, Eastern Mennonite, Goshen and Hesston) will await the swarm in a new way with one joint booth with all of us collaborating to let you in on the value of a Mennonite college or university experience.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find.

Top five reasons to find us…daily:

  1. Quizzes to learn about yourself and college life. Find out what “Lead Your Way” means. Quizzes will help you figure out your major or area of study, your spiritual type, where you should study abroad and what campus activities will best suit you.
  2. Professional athletes, a Nobel Peace Laureate, international leaders and hundreds of other high achievers attended Mennonite colleges and universities. Come learn how Mennonite higher education that is high quality and affordable leads to outstanding outcomes.
  3. Explore how “Love is a verb” plays out at Mennonite colleges! We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to others who have LOVED their Mennonite higher education experience. And, if you just need some down time to hang out, our coffee shop will be the perfect destination. Our faculty will lead seminars. We will host a Menno Trivia Night and offer great snacks in our booth that are produced, marketed and distributed by our alumni.
  4. Find your match! Well, maybe it won’t turn into a long-term relationship (indeed, many a Menno college student has found life-long friendships and partners), but when you play our match game you’ll at least have a lot of fun meeting one new person for the week.
  5. Swag, swag, swag. We know you are conscious consumers and will visit us for reasons besides giveaways. But we’ve given thought to swag that is fun and meaningful, including T-shirts and prizes such as scholarship dollars, a MacBook Air and much more! The more you connect with us in person and virtually, the more chances you’ll have to win!

We look forward to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, July 4, when those doors swing open and the swarm moves in. Be part of it. We’ll be there together as Mennonite colleges and universities ready to welcome you!