There will always be enough

Rachel S. Gerber is denominational minister for youth and young adults for Mennonite Church USA. We call these three months (June, July & August) “summer vacation.” Vacation?  Really? Parents, I see you. I hear you. I get you. Trust me. With three kids of my own under 10, juggling part-time work (from home), baseball games, […]

Places where our children find safety

Nancy Kauffmann is a denominational minister for Mennonite Church USA. I appreciated the reflection on “When Abusers Have Done a Lot of Good” by Alan Stucky posted on Doves’ Nest. He talks about the trap we can so easily fall into when the person who has abused is someone who has been known “to do […]

Opportunities: grants for pastors

Terry Shue is director of Leadership Development for Mennonite Church USA. Every once in a while opportunities arise which we would do well to take advantage of. Such is the case with the funds Everence has received from the Lilly Foundation for pastoral financial assistance. This grant, for both Conservative Mennonite Conference and Mennonite Church […]

Resources for pastors, conferences and congregations

Nancy Kauffmann is a denominational minister for Mennonite Church USA. Recently In the airport I overheard a Dad ask his son, “How many were there?” And the 5-year-old boy replied, “1,000,100.” I don’t know what they were talking about, but the boy’s response of such a wild number made me smile as I thought about […]

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Submissions to the Leadership Discernment Committee

[Español] Terry Shue is director of leadership development for Mennonite Church USA. Oversight boards play an important role in healthy organizations. The members of these boards, most often volunteers, offer wisdom, experiences and collaborative counsel to help cast the vision and guide these organizations. Board members need to be competent in the areas their organization […]

What can pastors learn from resource development professionals?

Terry Shue is director of Leadership Development for Mennonite Church USA. Recently I attended an event which Everence puts on every other year for development staff of organizations, large and small. It was an excellent event where the role of development staff was validated and celebrated as a vital connection between the mission of the […]

Searching for signs

Nancy Kauffmann is a denominational minister for Mennonite Church USA. The theme for Atlantic Coast Conference Annual Assembly was Searching for Signs, using Deuteronomy 6:1-9. “Significant events create markers – or signs — in our lives. How we react will leave signs for others to read,” were the opening words to a video created for Atlantic Coast […]

Leaders integrate personal story, faith and style to shape effective leadership practice

GOSHEN, INDIANA (MHS) — Individuals working in health and human services, education, missions, international relief and development, area conferences, congregations and businesses met Oct. 27–29 at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, for Session 1 of the Values-based Leadership Program. Leaders from diverse settings gained fresh perspective on their leadership stories and styles, seen through […]

Spiritual disciplines and the dance of God’s spirit

Terry Shue is director of Leadership Development for Mennonite Church USA. I woke up in a bad mood. It doesn’t happen often and I cannot easily trace back to the cause of my crotchety emotional state. It may have been thoughts swirling in my mind of the changing church, it may have been the late […]

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Board members affirmed, appointed at biennial Delegate Assembly

ELKHART, Ind. (Mennonite Church USA)—The following first-term nominees for churchwide boards were affirmed July 1 during Mennonite Church USA’s June 30 – July 4, 2015, Delegate Assembly in Kansas City, Missouri. All terms are four years in length. David Boshart, Wellman, Iowa, moderator-elect (two years)/moderator (2 years), Executive Board Diane Zaerr Brenneman, Wellman, Iowa, Executive […]